Steven John Carell
Steven John Carell, appearing in the credits under the abbreviated name Steve Carell, is an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as disorderly manager Michael Scott in…

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Bill Murray
Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the…

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Danny De Vito
Biography Every avid movie fan probably knows the name of the little charismatic actor Danny De Vito, who for the past fifty years has been pleasing the audience with remarkable…

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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is a well-known American actor, producer and screenwriter who has received worldwide recognition after starring in the comedy action movie Shanghai Noon.

Owen Wilson was born in the fall of 1968 in Dallas (USA, Texas). The future of the boy was a foregone conclusion from birth. Father Robert Wilson worked in a television studio, mother Laura Wilson took photos. In the family, besides Owen, two more sons grew up, Luke and Andrew, who later also chose the profession of actor.

Owen Wilson grew up as a fidget, sometimes his parents did not have the patience to endure the tricks of his son. Owen’s study was not interesting. The boy constantly fought, and on the eve of the final exams, the guy stole a book with solutions from a geometry teacher and distributed answers to his classmates. Wilson was kicked out of school for his behavior. Wilson Sredny moved to another school, and after he entered the military academy, but nothing came of it either. Continue reading

Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton is an American actor known in the world of cinema as a “comedian without a smile.” The popularity of the artist at the peak of his career was comparable with the demand for Charlie Chaplin. The “stone face” of American silent cinema, Buster Keaton entertained people without sounds and facial expressions. A subtle and insightful artist made the audience cry with laughter.

He was a stuntman, actor, director and true artist of the cinema era. Authorship of Keaton belongs to the films “Sherlock Jr.”, “Navigator” and “General”. In 1960, he received an honorary Oscar for his contribution to the development of cinema. Continue reading


Looking at those comedic images in which the actor appeared on the screen, it was impossible to guess so that Anatoly Dmitrievich Papanov was a man with a difficult fate. Despite the horrors of the war, seen with his own eyes, the artist remained optimistic and radiant smile that inspired the audience of the Soviet Union until the end of days.

During his work in the cinema and theater, the artist was awarded many awards celebrating his merits, and in 1976, the Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh named the asteroid No. 2480 discovered by her in honor of the actor. In 2012, 25 years after the death of the artist, Anatoly Dmitrievich was erected a monument in his small homeland – in the city of Vyazma. Continue reading

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Jean Rochefort
Born Jean Raul Robert, he was born in 1930 in Paris into a Breton family. He studied at the Nantes Conservatory, and then at the Drama Center and the Higher…


Biography Seth Aaron Rogen is a Canadian film actor and screenwriter who became famous after starring in the popular youth television series Freaky and Crazy. After such success, Seth Rogen…


Isla Fisher
Biography Isla Lang Fisher is an Australian film actress of Scottish descent, remembered by fans of world cinema for her participation in the films "Marrying the First Counter", "The Illusion…


American film actor. Born September 21, 1950 in the town of Wilmett, Illinois. He was the fifth of nine children in the family of Ed Murray, a timber company sales…