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Biography Buster Keaton is an American actor known in the world of cinema as a "comedian without a smile." The popularity of the artist at the peak of his career…

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Louis de Funes
Biography Louis de Funes is a French actor, film director and screenwriter. The greatest French comedian of the twentieth century, personifying on the screen cunning, hysteria, foolishness and greed. Louis…

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Alain Delon

Alain Delon is a sex symbol and a model of male beauty of the 60s – 80s of the last century, a French theater and film actor, as well as a director, producer and screenwriter. Alain Delon received the César French Cinematography Award and was admitted to the Legion of Honor officers.

Alain Fabienne Maurice Marcel Delon was born in the small town of Co, which is a suburb of Paris, but spent his childhood in another small town – Bourg-la-Ren. The father of the future actor, Fabien Delon, was the owner of his own movie theater. Her mother, Edith Arnold, was a pharmacist, but worked as a ticket agent in a family business. When Alain was 3 years old, the boy’s parents separated.

A year later, Edith remarries the owner of the popular butcher shop in the city, Paul Boulogne. As in the first marriage, the mother began to help her husband at work, and she had absolutely no time for her son. As a result, Alain was transferred to the education of a hired nanny, Madame Nero, into whose family the 4-year-old kid moved. Alain lived with the spouses of Nero until their tragic death.

In school years, the boy was distinguished by a stormy character, a large number of pranks and a steady unwillingness to fulfill the tasks of teachers. Changing several schools, from which the boy was expelled for poor performance and poor behavior, Alain learned to be a butcher and began to work in a sausage shop.

At the age of 17, Delon saw for himself the opportunity to change his life for the better and left to serve under the contract in the army. Delon was in the landing troops and was sent to Indochina. The army tempered the future actor, Alain became a little more responsible and organized. After completing the service in 1956, Alain left for Paris, arranged to work as a waiter and began to show her photographs to producers, as well as participate in film screenings.

The young man is drawn to the famous American manager Harry Wilson, who worked with James Dean, and invites Delon to move to Hollywood. But at the last moment, the popular director Yves Allegre convinces the actor to start a career in French cinema.

Delon’s creative biography begins in 1957. The debut of Alain Delon becomes the film “When a Woman Intervenes,” followed by the same minor role in “Be Beautiful and Shut Up.” These pictures do not bring much success to the actor himself. The next few films, such as “Christina”, “Weak Women”, “The Road of Schoolchildren”, also did not add popularity.

The actor had a high growth (177 cm), a harmonious figure and regular attractive facial features. With such parameters, Delon was constantly in demand in the cinema, but from time to time he received cliched secondary and episodic roles of frivolous languid handsome men. Subsequently, the appearance of the artist was considered a stable standard of male beauty, but at the dawn of his career, a pretty face only delayed Delon’s popularity.

The expected praise of critics and the public overtook the actor in 1960 after the release of the detective film “In the Bright Sun.” After this success, Alain Delon moved to Italy and starred in several popular movies: the sports drama “Rocco and His Brothers”, the melodrama “Eclipse”, the epic film “Leopard”. These films were able to show the actor from the best side and reveal the dramatic talent of Delon. It is noteworthy that Delon, who does not have a professional acting education, will subsequently become a model for theatrical educational institutions.

In the 60s, Delon managed to move away from the template role of a suffering handsome man and demonstrated the comedian’s talent. Delon’s performance of the role of Julien in Black Tulip, as well as Ulysses Cecconato in the comedy Joy of Life, was very well received by the public. And the film with the participation of Delon and Jean Gobain’s “Melody from the basement” was nominated for the Golden Globe.

It was after this tape that the actor was invited to Hollywood. But the participation of a big European star in American films does not always live up to expectations. The films Born of a Thief, Missing Squad, Is Paris Burning, Texas Over the River, were unsuccessful. But the first main role after returning to their homeland in the French film “Samurai” has become a classic.

In 1969, the actor starred in another popular French film, detective Jacques Deret “Pool”. Delon played the writer Jean-Paul Leroy, who, in a fit of anger, kills a friend and tries to hide the murder from the police. The writer’s friend Marianne was played by Romy Schneider, with whom Delon had relations outside the set, but long before the collaboration on the “Pool”.

In the 70s and 80s, the actor participated in a large number of films that differ from each other in terms of quality and degree of popularity. There were failures like the films Scorpio and Transition, as well as successes: Zorro, Airport-79: Concord, Do not wake a sleeping policeman. The actor also takes part in the sensational joint Spanish-Soviet-French detective “Tehran-43”, in which he plays the role of police inspector Georges Foch.

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