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Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu is a French actor who made a brilliant career not only in his homeland, but also in Hollywood. He is called “a man with thousands of faces,” he equally convincingly plays in comedies, dramas, and auteur films.

Almost every appearance on the screen is an event in the world of cinema. Laureate and multiple nominee for the Cesar Award, winner of the Volpi Cup, Golden Globe, Cannes Film Silver Award and other prizes.

Childhood and youth
The star of French cinema Gerard Depardieu was born in December 1948 in the city of Chateauroux in the poor family of the illiterate tinman Rene. Post-war time for the family was difficult. Rene earned was not enough for anything. Depardieu existed on social security benefits. Firstborn, the older brother of Gerard Allen, was born in 1945. After 2 years, daughter Elena appeared. And when Gerard was born a year later, family problems added to material problems. Rene began to disappear from home and drink the last money. Over the course of 7 years, Gerard had two more brothers and a sister.

A hard life has made parents harsh and indifferent. From a lack of parental attention in childhood, Gerard began to stutter, preferring to communicate with gestures or remain silent. Despite all the problems, the boy studied well in the first grades of the school, but then he started classes.

In 1951, according to the NATO development strategy, an American air base settled in Chateauroux. For locals and Gerard himself, this event was of great importance. The base has become an island where you can join the American music, culture and, most importantly, cinema. Gerard Depardieu watched the first American films in his youth at the NATO airbase.

Over time, Gerard’s behavior and performance deteriorated greatly. A complex teenager was left in the classroom for another year. In 1962, Gerard received a document on incomplete secondary education and with relief left the school walls. A tall, looking much older than his age teenager immediately got a job at a print shop.

In addition, Gerard was in a dubious company of peers who stole fuel at the airbase and were engaged in other unsightly affairs. Once in the house of Depardieu police came with a search. Finding nothing in the home, they advised parents to send the guy to a colony for complex teenagers. Father refused. But soon Gerard nevertheless ended up in jail for 3 weeks, having fallen with the company “on the hot”. Then he was only 16 years old, so the guy was released.

Perhaps Gerard would have stayed in Chateauroux if one of his friends had not called Depardieu to come to him in Paris. A friend studied at acting courses. Escaping from home for Gerard was not difficult – he did it regularly. The guy went to Paris. And there he went for a company with a friend to see what he was doing on the courses.

One of the eccentric teachers noticed a tall guy who stood out sharply from the rest, and offered to show him a pantomime on a given topic. For Gerard, who had great experience in speaking with gestures, this task turned out to be simple. The teacher liked what he saw so much that he invited the artistic guy to stay. So Gerard Depardieu began to study at the courses of the famous French theater teacher Jean-Laurent Caucher.

Koche immediately sent a new listener to a speech therapist and even paid for treatment. The grateful Gerard, who had not felt such concern since childhood, quickly changed. He tirelessly improved: corrected pronunciation, read classical literature, went to art exhibitions and museums. Koshe did not have a more diligent student.

A cinematic biography of Gerard Depardieu began in the mid-60s. The debut role of Gerard – played a hipster in Lenardt’s short film “The Hipster and the Young Lady” – corresponded to the internal content. Next was the nameless hippie in Varda’s full-length film, Nausicaa. It must be said that this was the period when the French film industry turned from boring refined beauties to brutal hippies and beatniks, which the youth audience liked so much.

The beginning of the 70s was a great start to the cinematic career of Gerard Depardieu. He appeared in several high-quality films, the most significant of which are the melodrama of Jacques Dere “A Little Sun in Cold Water”, the crime drama Jose Giovanni “The Skoon: Bringing Trouble” and the drama by avant-garde Margot Duras “Natalie Grignier”.

The role of Jean-Claude helped wake up the famous Depardieu in the provocative film “Waltzing” by Bertrand Blieu. It was the year 1973. The film picturesquely showed the life of charming pranks who loved to burn their lives and easily got involved in various criminal adventures. In general, Gerard was again lucky to play himself, with which he did an excellent job. The film was a huge success. Some adored him, others scolded him, but there was no one indifferent. Depardieu is becoming unprecedentedly popular.

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