Biography Everyone knows that acting bread is difficult, and not everyone is given the ability to make the audience laugh. The combination of an unusual appearance, charm, rich facial expressions,…

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Jean-Paul Belmondo
Biography Jean-Paul Belmondo is a famous French actor who created the image of a young rebel with an irresistible smile and in the 60-70s earned the title of one of…

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Melissa McCarthy
Biography Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, star of the films Big Boss, Bridesmaids, Catch a Fat Woman If You Can, Spy, Ghostbusters and others. She is the most popular…

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Samy Naceri

Sami Naseri is a well-known French actor who has become world famous thanks to the role of expressive driver Daniel Morales in 4 parts of the blockbuster Taxi. The real name of the actor is Said, but he took the diminutive by which he was called at home as a pseudonym.

Sami was born in Paris into a large family. His mother, Jacqueline Leroux, was an indigenous Frenchwoman, and his father, Djilali Naseri, was an expat from Algeria. The boy has 6 brothers and sisters. One of the brothers, Larbi, under the pseudonym Bibi Nasseri, also became a famous movie actor in France.

When Said was 7 years old, the family moved to Fontenay-sous-Bois, a suburb of the French capital. There, the boy went to school, which he never graduated from, leaving school at the age of 16. The reason was the difficult financial situation in the family, as well as the very difficult nature of the teenager, because of which he regularly had conflicts and troubles. Nasseri began to look for part-time jobs and casual work.

In his youth, he was a marginal, constantly on the verge of breaking the law. From the age of 18 he began to use drugs, which ultimately led to the robbery of the store, detention and the court, which sentenced the young man to 5 years in prison. Naseri served 4 years and left ahead of schedule.

After Sami Naseri accidentally hit the comedy “Inspector-rainy” in 1980, he set himself the goal of becoming a professional actor. But until the mid-90s they continued to engage him only in extras and episodes. The situation changed in 1994. First, Sami starred in the youth social television movie about teens “Brothers: Red Roulette”, which perfectly portrays a guy from the suburbs rolling along an inclined path. By the way, I had an Arab origin – the image turned out to be quite realistic. The actor claims that by and large he played himself, because his character even has a similar name – Sami.

A year later, film director Tom Gilu invites Naseri to his tragicomic film “Paradise.” Here the actor again plays a guy from the suburbs who is unable to socially adapt. The experience of the previous picture helped the actor to better convey the state of people who do not have their place in life. For his game, Sami Naseri received his first career award – the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival and the Paris Film Festival Prize.

After these films, the film actor became famous in France. But he gained worldwide popularity after the release of the criminal comedy “Taxi” in 1998. The film was shot by the famous French director Luc Besson, who already knew Nasserie: they collaborated on the set of the drama “Leon”, where Sami had the role of a policeman in a helmet in one of the last scenes, and also when creating the video clip “Nés sous la même étoile “Of the French group” IAM “.

It is interesting that the experts very coolly evaluated Taxi, criticizing the template scenario, but the commercial success of the painting was deafening. The audience was fond of the young taxi driver from Marseille, who can not imagine life without the exorbitant speed and heavy-duty car engines. The success of the film immediately entailed three sequels, the names of which differed only in serial numbers. The popularity of this series of films was such that Hollywood and Bollywood movie companies filmed their own remakes. Sami Naseri for the first part of “Taxi” received the French film award “Cesar” as the best actor of the year.

Among other films with his participation, it is worth noting the military drama “Patriots” directed by Rashid Bushareb about the Second World War. Sami Nasseri played Yassir, one of the 4 soldiers of the French army, who for a long time kept the small village in Alsace from being captured by fascist forces with the help of such a small team and at the cost of their own lives. The picture showed discrimination in the French army against soldiers of Algerian origin. For this role, Nasseri received a silver award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.

Problems with law
With the advent of popularity, the wild character of the actor again began to make itself felt. He began to regularly appear in court for drunk driving, beating, and insulting policemen and passers-by.

Several times the court sentenced Sami Naseri to imprisonment. In 2003, for beating a driver of another car who did not miss him on the road, the actor was deprived of his driver’s license and received 6 months in prison. After 2 years, the actor again went to prison for 2 months for beating a visitor in his own restaurant.

In 2007, Nasseri beat his guard, for which he received one month probation, but after a year he still went to prison for six months for having hit a woman while driving while intoxicated. In addition, for the latest incident, the court sentenced him to a large fine and compulsory treatment for alcoholism.

For causing stab wounds, he was once again imprisoned in 2011 and served 16 months. During this period, rumors appeared about the death of the actor. Media reported that Sami Naseri cut his throat in prison.

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