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Louis de Funes
Biography Louis de Funes is a French actor, film director and screenwriter. The greatest French comedian of the twentieth century, personifying on the screen cunning, hysteria, foolishness and greed. Louis…

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Louis de Funes

Louis de Funes is a French actor, film director and screenwriter. The greatest French comedian of the twentieth century, personifying on the screen cunning, hysteria, foolishness and greed.

Louis Germain David de Funes de Galares, whom viewers know as the greatest comedian of world cinema under the name Louis de Funes, was born July 31, 1914 in one of the communes of the French department of Hautes-de-Seine, which is 8 kilometers from Paris. The parents of the future actor in 1904 moved to France from Seville, because their relatives opposed this union. Carlos Luis de Galarza is the father of Louis. It is known that Carlos received the profession of a lawyer, but, having left Spain, he had to master a new profession – a diamond cutter.

Louis de Funes has shown many talents since early childhood. The boy was fluent in French, English and Spanish, painted, was artistic and also played the piano. But the small stature and hilarious grimaces that Louis liked to make up did not allow him to be taken seriously.

The boy was nicknamed Fufu. When Louis grew up, he got a job as a pianist in one of the establishments of Pigalle – a district of Paris, known for its Moulin Rouge cabaret and brothels. Visitors loved this little musician for his virtuoso performance of jazz compositions and funny grimacing.

When Paris was occupied by German troops, Louis de Funes got a solfeggio teacher at a music school. After the war, the future comedian decided to try to act in films. Friends and acquaintances have long recommended doing this. Louis de Funes in the pre-war years attended the drama courses of the French actor Rene Simon. Now it’s time to put the knowledge into practice.

The cinematic biography of Louis de Funes began in 1945. The novice artist starred in Jean Stelly’s film “The Barbizon Temptation”. The film did not bring Louis tangible success. Like the following pictures, where the artist appeared in episodes and supporting roles. Only in 1958, 13 years after the debut, Louis de Funes woke up famous. Viewers began to recognize photos of the artist far beyond the borders of their native France. This happened after the release of the film “Not Caught – Not a Thief”, which is better known as “Blero”. The actor played in this comedy the main character – a poacher named Blairot. Soon comedies will become the main works in the career of the French film actor.

In the 60s, the peak of the acting career of Louis de Funes. Each year, several films were released, invariably bringing a comedian a new wave of love and glory. The sympathy of the audience was brought by Louis and the trilogy about Commissioner Juve and Fantomas. The comedian brilliantly played the near commissioner. At first it was supposed that there would be 10 episodes, but after the third part, called Fantomas vs Scotland Yard, popularity began to decline, and director Andre Yunebel decided to limit himself to three episodes.

The next two comedies featuring the comedian were also marked with success. The paintings “Opener” and “Big Walk” were watched by viewers around the world. Louis de Funes was idolized and adored everywhere. Nevertheless, the real fame came to the French actor after the films about the adventures of the gendarme Crushot. The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez was the first of 6 films that appeared on the screen.

The Soviet audience also remembered other roles of the actor in films. The films “Restaurant of Mr. Septim”, “Oscar”, “Frozen”, “Man-Orchestra” and “Mania of Greatness” received special recognition. De Funes prefered with a constant cast of actors, directors and cameramen. De Funes’ favorite director is Jean Giraud, who is the creator of the serial film about the grudge of Crusoe. Favorite partner on the set – Bourville.

In March 1973, the artist was awarded the highest award of the country: the Order of the Legion of Honor of France. The actor was still actively filming. But in 1975, Louis de Funes had a heart attack. Immediately after the first followed by the second. Doctors categorically forbade the actor to work. The artist settled in the old Chateau de Clermont castle near Nantes. The film actor began to lead a quiet and measured life. For some time, Louis delved into the garden and became interested in breeding new varieties of roses. One of them was even named after the artist.

But the actor, seething with energy, could not live a long time as a recluse. And when Louis de Funes received from the director Claude Zidi the script for the new comedy “Wing or Leg”, he could not resist and agreed to the shooting. Then came some more great comedies. The film “Soup with Cabbage”, introduced in 1981, has become one of these films. The painting “The Gendarme and Gendarmes” is the last work in the career of a French actor, which appeared on the screens in 1982.

The career of Louis de Funes developed slowly, although the Frenchman managed to star in more than a hundred films. Louis de Funes himself spoke about the acting profession in the cinema as follows:

“An actor, as a musician, must play every day. Cinema and theater are our gamut, the public is an inexhaustible source of energy. ”

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