Steven John Carell
Steven John Carell, appearing in the credits under the abbreviated name Steve Carell, is an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as disorderly manager Michael Scott in…

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Adriano Celentano
Biography Adriano Celentano is a popular Italian actor, singer, showman and just a favorite of the public. "Man on the Springs", a native of the people, who today has great…

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An American-Canadian film actor, best known for his comedies of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as modern dramas and thrillers. Winner of four Golden Globe awards. Born January 17,…

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Pierre Richard

Pierre Richard is a French comedian who gained popularity after the release of the films Tall Blond in a Black Boot, Unlucky, Dad, and Toy. The artist is known for directing and literary experience.

Sometimes it’s useful to act contrary to your parents, because if Pierre Richard had followed their advice and become an industrialist, the world would have lost a talented actor and comedian.

On August 16, 1934, a son was born to a major French industrialist. A descendant of an aristocratic family received a complex name from birth – his parents named him Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Leopold Defei. Pierre’s father had two passions in life – beautiful women and horse racing. He quickly lost his multi-million dollar fortune on the run and sent his wife and son to his father’s estate.

Pierre was a child when his parents divorced. The boy was sent to a boarding school, where the children of miners and peasants studied. Growing up, Richard recalled how on Mondays the driver brought him to school in a luxurious limousine, which lasted eight years. Five days a week, the boy lived at a boarding house, was forced to communicate with children from poor families. Classmates did not perceive the aristocrat, kept aloof. To win sympathy, Richard put on a clown mask, grimaced and joked.

In that period of life, Pierre learned the truth: if they laugh at you, then they will not hate and beat. The teachers scolded Pierre for antics, often reminded of a noble birth. The actor says that there was a chronic confrontation between two personalities – an aristocrat and an ordinary person. The maternal grandfather served as a sailor, only he supported the acting initiatives of his grandson.

Pierre communicated with peers only at school – outside of her game with commoners were banned. The actor says the youth went under house arrest. The teenager’s only entertainment was the home performance in which Richard Jr. quoted Cyrano de Bergerac.

When Pierre was 12 years old, the boy’s grandfather died. Before his death, the old man said that the grandson is the only one of the kind who will achieve everything in life, than predicted Pierre Richard the career of an actor.

By the age of 18, the guy knew for sure what he would enter the theater courses, but his father was against this idea and insisted that his son become an industrialist. Then Pierre fled home, breaking the link with his parents.

The young man arrived in Paris and went to acting classes, but he was not accepted, citing an appearance unattractive to the profession. Richard did not give up and made sure that he was enrolled in the drama courses of Charles Dullen. After completing the courses, the actor worked part time in a cabaret, music halls, on the stage.

In a duet with entertainer Viktor Lana, he participated in concerts held at the cabaret stage in the Latin Quarter. Pierre himself came up with stories of comedy sketches. Then the image of a distracted modesty was born, whose life is filled with ridiculous situations. Pierre got into the big movie only at the age of 33.

A creative biography in the cinema began in 1967 with work in the comedy “The Idiot in Paris”. It was in this film that the actor appeared before screen viewers in the previously found image of an absurd eccentric. In 1968, Pierre Richard starred in the film “Blessed Alexander.” The meeting with the director of this film, Yves Robber, became a landmark for the actor. In 1972, he invited Richard to the main role in the comedy “Tall Blond in a Black Boot.” This film became a classic of cinema, and the audience learned about Richard’s talent.

In 1970, Richard made his debut as a director, releasing the comedy “Scattered”. The main character, Pierre Malaque, who was also played by Pierre, works in an advertising agency. A year later, the second work of Richard the director, screenwriter and actor, Alfred’s Misfortune, a film about a man who could not commit suicide, followed.

In 1974, the comedy “The Return of the Tall Blonde” was continued, which enjoyed no less success. Two years later, Pierre Richard starred in the film “Toy”, after which he woke up world famous. In 1978, Pierre Richard released the picture “I am timid, but I am being treated” about a young man who is embarrassed to make acquaintance with a girl he likes. In the same year, the shootings of the comedy “Escape” are completed, where the actor received the role of the lawyer of the criminal who escaped from prison Golar (Victor Lanu). The situation was aggravated by the fact that the lawyer was accused of complicity, and now the hero of Richard is forced to hide with the convict.

In 1980, the comedy “It’s not me, it’s him!” Followed, in which Pierre turned into a “literary Negro”, as well as the film “An Injection with an Umbrella”, where the hero Pierre, a novice actor, mistakenly signs a contract with the mafiosi, thinking that this is a film producer.

In 1981, the artist starred in the movie “Unlucky” with Gerard Depardieu – this work was the beginning of their popular tandem. Later they starred in the popular comedies “Daddy” and “Runaways”. It was the golden age of Pierre Richard.

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