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John candy

They say that the more fun the actor on the screen, the sadder his real life. This assumption largely applies to Canadian comedian John Candy, whose biography ended in the 44th year of life. The audience remembered his roles in the comedies Splash, Cosmic Eggs, Uncle Buck, and Canadian Bacon.

Childhood and youth
John Franklin Candy was born on October 31, 1950 in Newmarket, Ontario, in the family of Sidney James and Evangeline (nee Aker). From his father, the boy inherited English and Scottish roots, and his mother was Polish and Ukrainian by origin. The house in which Candy was born is a few blocks from the residence of another Canadian comedian Jim Carrey.

As a child, John lost his father – 35-year-old Sidney died of a heart attack in 1955. In an effort to forget grief, the mother raised her son in the harsh Catholic faith. Until the 8th grade, he attended the Holy Cross School in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, then – the Neil McNeill Catholic Academy.

The desire to become an actor in Canadian appeared at the Centennial Community College, where Candy studied journalism. At McMaster University in Toronto, the future comedian chose the theater department.

Candy made his screen debut in 1971 on Dr. Simon Lock. This was followed by the television projects “Cucumber” (1973), “Doctor Zonck and Zunkins” (1974), films “It seemed like a good idea then” (1975), “Bloody Joke” (1976).

Success came to Candy at the age of 27, when he became part of the Canadian comedy group Second City. Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis, Harold Ramis performed side by side with him with humorous sketches. In 1976, comedians went on television with the same broadcast.

In North America, Second City quickly won fans. In 1981 and 1982, the show won an Emmy Award. Together with the popularity of the program, Candy’s career also developed. Its characters were the clumsy TV presenter Johnny Leroux, author of the three-dimensional horror film Dr. Tang, talk show fan William B. Wilms, and corrupt Melonville mayor Tommy Shanks.

Mimicry is one of Candy’s talents that made him a favorite of the public. During the existence of “Second City”, the comedian turned into actors Jerry Mathers, Devine, Richard Burton, film director Orson Welles, cook Julia Child, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti and others.

American national love brought John Candy to Hollywood. In 1979, he starred in Steven Spielberg’s military comedy “1941”, played a cameo role in the classic action movie “The Blues Brothers” (1980) with John Belushi and Dane Aykroyd in the lead roles. The last project was a hit in the United States, which increased the fame of the Canadian comedian.

Candy may have appeared in Ghostbusters (1984), but has given up his role in favor of Second City colleague Rick Moranis. However, the comedian participated in the filming of the video for the main soundtrack of Ray Parker Jr. “Ghostbusters” along with other actors who, for various reasons, could not join the project.

1987 was especially productive for the actor: comedies “Cosmic Eggs” and “Airplane, Train and Car” were released. The latter is the “golden” classic of cinema, one of Candy’s greatest films, according to critics. The success is partially due to the exceptional talent of the director John Hughes, his ability to create humorous situations. Men met on the show “Second City”.

Later in Candy’s filmography, 6 more projects appeared: “Vacations” (1993), “In the Lap of Nature” (1988), “She Will Have a Baby” (1988), “Uncle Buck” (1989), “Career Opportunities” (1991 ), “Home Alone” (1990).

Despite the overwhelming success of the New Year comedy “Home Alone”, in which Candy played the musician Gus Polinski, the actor’s popularity declined. He decided to change his strategy and starred in several serious films, the first of which was John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas (1991).

Interesting fact: Candy’s character, lawyer Dean Andrews, constantly sweated, and this is not the director’s idea, but a natural reaction of the body. The thought of filming a drama film with actors such as Donald Sutherland and Gary Oldman scared the actor too much.

Candy’s serious works include “Only the Lonely Will Understand” (1991), “Steep Turns” (1993). The last project with the participation of the actor was the parody film “Caravan to the East” (1994), and the comedy “Canadian Bacon” was released after his death.

Personal life
On April 28, 1979, John Candy’s wife was Rosemary Margaret Hobor. Two children appeared in the union: Jennifer and Chris. Their joint personal life lasted until the death of a comedian in 1994.

Among the best friends of Candy was the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Together they owned the Canadian football club Toronto Argonauts.

John Candy is a big man: judging by early photos, in his youth his weight rarely dropped below 130 kg with a height of 188 cm. The comedian was very sensitive to his fullness, in the 1990s he actively took up weight loss, quit smoking, although he was a follower bad habits for 20 years.

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