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Leslie Nielsen is a Hollywood star whose fame came after 50 years. Parody films with the participation of the actor “The Naked Gun”, “The Scariest Movie”, “The Sixth Element” became famous.

The future actor was born on February 11, 1926 in the southern province of Canada in a family of immigrants from Europe. Mabel’s mother Elizabeth ran the house and raised children — little Leslie and brother Eric, while father Ingvard Eversen worked for the good of the fatherland in the mounted police. When Leslie reached the age of six, the family moved to Edmonton so that children could attend school.

Actor Leslie Nielsen
During his studies, the boy became interested in theater. But the father opposed theWhen Leslie of his son, despite the fact that Ingvard’s brother Jean Hersholt had already succeeded in acting in Hollywood and even twice won an Academy Award. The strict upbringing and religiosity of the parents influenced Leslie’s character – in many respects his artistic abilities developed in communication with an authoritarian father. Elder brother Eric Nielsen grew more serious and subsequently became a statesman.

Leslie Nielsen in his youth Leslie Nielsen in his youth
After the final exams, Leslie was drafted into the army. Years of service fell during the Second World War, and Nielsen participated in the general mobilization program. But due to poor hearing, the young man avoided being sent to the front. After the end of hostilities, the young man settles on the local radio station as a host. The airs of Nielsen’s listeners waited impatiently. A laid-back style of communication, a noble baritone and impromptu jokes made Leslie the star of the town.

Leslie Nielsen in his youth Leslie Nielsen in his youth
Therefore, the young man decides to enter the Academy of Radio Lorne Green. In acting classes, Leslie woke up with a serious interest in the theater, and at the age of 23 Nielsen went to New York to study at the school of drama “Neighborhood Playhouse”. In order not to waste time in vain, Nielsen immediately begins to play in the theater at the studio. The first film episodes in which the figure of a handsome handsome man flashed appeared in the films “Hall of Fame”, “First Studio”, “Culmination”.

In the mid-50s, Leslie went to conquer Hollywood. Initially, the actor auditioned for television projects. A great success for him was his participation in the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which was broadcast for 7 years.

In the early years of his career, Leslie starred in 32 films. The most memorable secondary role of the young Nielsen was the work in the musical melodrama “King of the Vagabonds.” And the only main role is the character of the commander of the spaceship from the fantastic thriller “Forbidden Planet”, which collected a decent rental income for those times – $ 3 million.

Leslie Nielsen in the movie Forbidden Planet Leslie Nielsen in the movie Forbidden Planet
In the late 50s, Leslie took part in the filming of the cult western Rawhide, the cast of which consisted of first-rate Hollywood stars: Clint Eastwood, Eric Fleming, James Murdoch and Steve Reines. The television series The Untouchables, in which Nielsen played in the episode, appeared on television. In general, the career of a young cheerful artist at first developed well.

In the 60s, Leslie did not decrease the amount of work, but still he continues to work only on episodic roles in films of various genres: westerns, dramas, crime thrillers, comedies. The directors respond positively about the Canadian actor – he is always collected and accurate in the frame. Works in the films “The Fugitive”, “Bonanza”, “Wild-Wild West”, “Harlow” Nielsen rightfully earned the title of “King of the episode.”

Leslie Nielsen in the series “Colombo” Leslie Nielsen in the series “Colombo”
In the early 70s, Leslie Nielsen appeared in Norman Lloyd’s detective television project about Colombo detective in the series “Lady is Waiting”. Hero Nielsen – lawyer Peter Hamilton joined the circle of suspects in the murder of Bryce Chadwick. Four years later, the actor was invited to the next series of the series “Colombo” under the name “Personality Crisis”. In 1972, the actor appeared on the screens in the acclaimed disaster film “Poseidon,” in which the hero of Nielsen bravely resists the elements and does everything possible to save people.

In the 70s, Leslie was assigned the role of a brave military man. In this image, the artist appears in the films “Streets of San Francisco”, “Recruits”, “MES”, “Police Officer”. 21 years after the first leading role, Nielsen gets the second – in the environmental horror film “Animal Day”, which tells about the consequences of the destruction of the atmosphere of the earth. Together with Leslie, Christopher George and Linda Day George played in the film.

Leslie Nielsen in the movie Poseidon Leslie Nielsen in the movie Poseidon
These works are considered a preparatory stage for the artist’s real creative take-off, which occurred in the mid-80s. It all started with a small role in the parody disaster film “Airplane”, which raised $ 83 million at the box office.

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