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Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is the favorite comedian of the streaming giant Netflix (as movie reviewers say, because TV shows with the actor’s participation sell better than widescreen ones), as well as millions of viewers who prefer spending weekends watching light, entertaining content. It is all the more interesting to see Adam in serious, thought-provoking paintings.

In his life, the comedic role in him is not so pronounced, those around him rather consider Sandler as a pedant and a bore, for whom work is in second place after the family. The crushing reviews – not a reason for discouragement.

“The most important thing is to make a movie with a fuse, and the viewer likes the result. And what critics say there is the tenth case. ”

Childhood and youth
Adam Richard Sandler was born in Brooklyn in September 1966 in a Jewish family. Judy’s mom worked as a teacher, Stanley’s father worked as an electrical engineer.

From a young age, Adam Sandler showed an extraordinary sense of humor. At first he made his parents laugh, then his classmates in Manchester, where the family moved. Sandler’s jokes have always been brilliant improvisation. The guy joked, as they say, how he breathed, but at first he did not even dream about a career as a professional comedian.

Perhaps he would continue to present with humor only a narrow circle of relatives and friends, if not for his brother. It was he who recorded Adam as a participant in the comedy scenes contest, after a performance in which it became clear to everyone that they were a talented comedian.

Adam Sandler also developed his talent at the University of New York, where he regularly performed on the club stage in front of students and teachers. In university years, Adam made his debut on the screen: he starred in the comedy film “All Overboard.” The picture was not successful, but the creative biography of Adam Sandler got its start.

After graduating from university in 1991, Adam Sandler began to act in films. The first two paintings – “Billy Madison” and “Lucky Gilmore” – were quite successful. But the following comedies, “Mama’s Son” and “Singer at the Wedding,” were hardly noticed by the audience and critics.

In 1999, the movie “Big Daddy” was released. The script for this picture was written by Adam Sandler together with Tim Herlich, and suddenly the twin brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse suddenly fell on the head of the carefree main character of their son. This film brought the artist huge international success. Sandler was recognized in Russia. In addition, the tape had excellent box office and collected more than $ 200 million at the box office.

This was followed by the work of Sandler, where he performed in a previously unusual role for him, departing from the comedy. The melodrama “Love Knocking Down” directed by Paul Anderson was warmly received by the audience. After her, Adam Sandler starred in the dramatic melodrama Spanish English and The Deserted City. The plot of the last picture tells about the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The hero of Adam Sandler is a man who has lost a family.

In a comedic role, but not in all moments, the actor appeared in the film “All or Nothing.” Adam reincarnated as a former footballer in jail. The director of the colony promised to shorten the term if the man collects a team of prisoners and holds a match with the national security team. Of course, there is plenty of humor in comedy. Moreover, the jokes, according to the viewers, are those that were understandable to everyone, and it never occurred to anyone to see a political subtext in them.

At the same time, there are dramatic moments in the film, the main burden in this regard lies with Sandler’s character. One of the main decorations of the project is the soundtracks: “Boom Boom” from Big Head Todd and The Monsters, “My Ballz” from D12 feat. Eminem.

Even richer in interesting paintings for Adam Sandler was 2002. The comedian again returned to the comedy genre, starring in the fun films “Millionaire Involuntarily” with Winona Ryder and “Stunning Love” with Emily Watson. For the image of the clogged and notorious only brother of 7 sisters, in the latter, the actor was nominated for Sputnik, Golden Globe and MTV Movie Awards.

The audience saw the new and unusual Sandler the following year in the Anger Management movie with Jack Nicholson. And in 2004, Adam starred in the wonderful comedy “50 First Kisses” with Drew Barrymore. The star of the “Alien” played the girl Lucy, who lives exclusively today, because due to an injury she forgets everything that happened yesterday. Sandler’s hero every time wins the heart of the chosen one again. As a result, a man in love with a girl finds a way out, recording significant moments of a couple’s life on video.

A pleasant surprise for fans of the artist is a family film called “Bedtime Stories.” Here Adam worked on the set with Keri Russell and the English comedian Russell Brand. The actor played an employee of the hotel, who told the children bedtime stories that had a wonderful property to come true. The painting was commissioned by Walt Disney Company.

A new wave of success was brought to Adam Sandler by Jokes. This is a tragicomedy about a successful stand-up comedian who learns that he is terminally ill.

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