Rowan Atkinson
Without a smile. As you know, the most talented comedians usually live like this. Rowan Atkinson is a classic example. An English gentleman in a buttoned all-button suit with his…

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Biography Everyone knows that acting bread is difficult, and not everyone is given the ability to make the audience laugh. The combination of an unusual appearance, charm, rich facial expressions,…

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Samy Naceri
Biography Sami Naseri is a well-known French actor who has become world famous thanks to the role of expressive driver Daniel Morales in 4 parts of the blockbuster Taxi. The…

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Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, star of the films Big Boss, Bridesmaids, Catch a Fat Woman If You Can, Spy, Ghostbusters and others. She is the most popular artist with an informal figure. McCarthy, according to Forbes magazine, is on the list of One Hundred Most Powerful Celebrities.

Melissa McCarthy was born in Illinois, in the small settlement of Plainfield. Parents of actress Sandy and Michael McCarthy worked as farmers, like most neighbors. Perhaps such a fate would have awaited Melissa, but comedic talent began to break through in the girl. After graduating from a Catholic secondary school for girls, she, on the advice of her cousin, actress Jenny McCarthy, goes to New York.

There, the girl begins to act in nightclubs as a stand-up comedian. In parallel, Melissa studies acting at a theater studio in Manhattan, after which she leaves for Los Angeles and is part of the Groundlings troupe, specializing in improvisational comedies. At that time, the weight of the actress already exceeded 100 kilograms. However, the future success of the actress’s films proved that it is not necessary to have a model appearance in order to conquer the cinematic Olympus.

When Melissa McCarthy became famous on the stage, the actress began to be invited to the movies. McCarthy’s cinematic biography begins with supporting roles.

The first picture was the television series “Jenny”, where the actress’s sister Jenny McCarthy became the key figure. This was followed by episodes in the popular films “Charlie’s Angels”, “The Life of David Gale”, “Baby”, “White Oleander” and others. Also on her account is participation in the independent tragicomedy Third Extra and Pumpkin.

Success and popularity came to Melissa after the actress joined the popular series “Gilmore Girls”, where for seven years she played the chef Sookie St. James. It is interesting that actress Alex Borshtein originally claimed this character and even participated in a pilot release, but then McCarthy gave this role. The last season of “Gilmore Girls” was released in 2007, but in 2016 it is planned to resume the series.

Another famous television work by Melissa was the comedy “Who is Samantha?”, And on the big screen McCarthy attracted attention with the help of the psychological drama “Nine”. But the real success overtook this non-standard actress after the release of the romantic comedy “Bridesmaids”, which was released in the Russian box office under the name “Hen Night in Vegas.”

Invitations from various film studios immediately showered on Melissa, but she chose only those that were of interest to her. So, McCarthy, along with Sandra Bullock, played in the humorous detective “Cops in Skirts”, with Jason Bateman in the crime comedy “Catch a Fat Woman if You Can,” with Bill Murray in the tragicomedy “Saint Vincent”.

Melissa McCarthy also tried herself as a screenwriter, writing a plot for the picture “Tammy”, where she herself played the main role.

In 2015, Melissa McCarthy played a major role in the comedy Spy. This is a parody of the plot moves and stereotypical heroes of espionage fighters, including the famous films of Bond. The roles of two special agents were played by Jason Statham and Jude Law, with Statham playing the typical near-wobble hero, and Low – the gallant and charming spy.

Melissa McCarthy got the role of agent Susan Cooper, who in her youth refused to work and became an analyst at headquarters. Due to the leak of information, Susan becomes the only agent whose face is unknown to the enemy. As a result, the actress received a completely unstressed and original image. For this role, Melissa was nominated for a Golden Globe.

It is also worth noting such comedies as One and a half Spy and Big Boss. The latter may also be known to the Russians under the alternative name “Michel Darnell.”

Personal life
When Melissa McCarthy moved to California and joined The Groundlings, she met comedian Ben Falcone. They began to meet, then lived in a civil marriage, and in October 2005 they got married.

Two years later, the first daughter Vivian was born in the family of Melissa and Ben. It’s funny that just at the time of the last months of pregnancy, McCarthy played the heroine in the series “Girls Gilmore”, also in position. So the actress did not have to interrupt the shooting and let the producers and directors down.

In the spring of 2010, the couple had a second daughter, Georgette. Both girls starred in films with their mother.

Melissa also tried herself in the design of fashionable clothes for textured women. Her company produces dresses for ladies of the largest sizes. As a woman of large sizes, Melissa McCarthy understands the desire of full women to be beautiful and stylish and releases new models of clothes based on her own experience.

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