An American-Canadian film actor, best known for his comedies of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as modern dramas and thrillers. Winner of four Golden Globe awards. Born January 17,…

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Whoopi Goldberg
Biography Whoopi Goldberg is a Hollywood superstar. It is difficult to argue with this if you look at film masterpieces with the participation of the artist. Confirm this fact and…

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All movie actors can be conditionally divided into several categories - those who with equal success can embody hundreds of different images on the screen, and those who wander from…

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All movie actors can be conditionally divided into several categories – those who with equal success can embody hundreds of different images on the screen, and those who wander from picture to picture without changing their roles, the so-called image hostages. Among the latter is the actress Jenny McCarthy.

Childhood and youth
Jennifer Ann McCarthy was born (that is her full name) on November 1, 1972. It happened in a town called West Elden, located near Chicago (Illinois, USA). The girl became the second of four daughters of Dan and Linda McCarthy – the other three sisters were Amy, Joan and Linnet.

Elementary School Jenny Unlearned at Chicago Catholic School St. Turibius Elementary School. After her graduation, McCarthy moved to Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, where, according to the actress herself, she was a real outcast. This explains the fact why Jennifer participated in the support group for sports teams of other schools – Brother Rice High School and St. Laurence High School.

After graduation, she entered the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale. Here, at different times, the brothers James and John Belushi, Justin Hartley, who played the role of Strela’s superhero in “Smallville Secrets,” and Jenny’s cousin, the famous comedian Melissa McCarthy (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Life of David Gale”, studied fat woman, if you can “).

Studying at a university cost money that the Jennifer family did not have. To get out of this situation, McCarthy did something that could not be expected from a girl who received a religious upbringing – she held an open photo shoot in school uniform Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and sent a photo to Playboy. The pictures were taken, paid for and published. So a student at the University of Southern Illinois’s School of Medicine became a Playboy girl in October 1993.

Model business
The leadership of the Playboy publication appreciated the interest of the audience of the magazine to the girl. In fact, immediately Jenny McCarthy received an offer that she could not refuse. The contract was signed, and already in 1994 the girl became a star of the first magnitude, having received the title “Playboy Girlfriend” for this year.

The collaboration between McCarthy and Hugh Hefner magazine lasted until 1998. After that, the girl could be seen in other similar publications, for example, in Maxim. Jennifer herself claims that it was her career in this field that helped her shape her acting career.

Films and TV shows
The first appearance of Jenny McCarthy on the screens took place in the crime series “Silk Networks” with Mitzi Captcher and Rob Estes in the lead roles. It happened in 1994.

A year later, the young actress starred in the film “What to do with the Dead in Denver” directed by Gary Fleder (“Kissing Girls”, “Don’t Say a Word,” “Verdict for Money”), where Andy Garcia, Christopher Lloyd became her colleagues on the set , Steve Buscemi and Christopher Walken.

Then came the roles in the television series The Drew Carey Show and The Mr. Show with Bob and David. However, the main series of this period of McCarthy’s acting career was “Rescuers of Malibu” with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

In 1997, Jenny appeared in the sitcom “Fashion Magazine”, which tells about journalist Maya Gallo, who instead of covering social issues has to write articles for her dad’s glossy magazine.

In 1998, McCarthy, along with the creators of the animated series “South Park” Trey Parker and Matt Stone, starred in the tape “BASketball” by David Zucker (“Airplane”, “Naked Gun”, “Daughter of My Boss”). In the same year, the girl joined the cast of the Charmed series, which opened the world to actresses such as Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.

In 2000, McCarthy refused to participate in the parody franchise “Scary Movie” to star in the third part of another franchise – in “Scream” by Wes Craven (“The Hills Have Eyes”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “People Under the Stairs” ) In this tape, Jenny had a chance to play with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Patrick Dempsey and Liv Schreiber.

In 2002, the actress first played a role in the comedy “Ideal.” This film was the directorial debut of Matthew Miller – screenwriter for the series Park Avenue 666, Live Target, and Deadly Weapons. After that, the serial period again followed – secondary roles in “Crime Racing”, “All the Best in You”, “Klava, Come on”, “Happy Card” and “Queen of the Screen”.

In 2003, Jenny still starred in the next part of “Scary Movie”, but only because David Zucker, already familiar to her, was at the helm. Two years later, McCarthy again had the opportunity to work with old friends – this time with Christopher Lloyd and Pamela Anderson. The place of their intersection was the comedy series “Blonde in a Bookstore.”

This series was followed by the appearance of Jenny in the TV series “My Name is Earl”, in which the main roles were played by Jason Lee and Jamie Pressley.

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