Kaley Cuoku
Biography The famous American film actress Kaley Cuoku was born in 1985 on November 30 in the city of Camarillo, which is located in California. Her mother did the housework…

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Biography Actor Mike Myers gained world fame after entering the big screens of the Austin Powers trilogy. A purposeful man in his childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor, but fate…

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Biography Everyone knows that acting bread is difficult, and not everyone is given the ability to make the audience laugh. The combination of an unusual appearance, charm, rich facial expressions,…

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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is a famous Hollywood actor, whose filmography mainly consists of works in the comedies Evan Almighty, Super Peppers, Macho and Nerd. The actor managed to show dramatic talent in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Wolf from Wall Street”.

John Hill Feldstein was born in Los Angeles into a creative Jewish family, where each of the parents managed to realize their talents. Mom Sharon Lin was a stylist and designer, and dad Richard Feldstein worked as a music manager. Father accompanied the popular band “Guns N’ Roses ”on tour. Jonah has an older brother, Richard, who followed in his father’s footsteps.

After graduating from elementary school, John Hill went to get an education in New York. Here, the young man became a student at The New School College, where he studied stage skills.

In college, the guy wrote the first jokes and himself presented the text in the East Village fashion bar, Black and White. Once on the scene, John suddenly realized that acting is the real calling. After all, before this, Hill could not decide what he was more attracted to: directing, writing scripts or producing.

John’s small plays and humorous sketches were successful with the public. But decisive in the career of a young artist and writer was played by acquaintance with the children of Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman. Rebekah and Jake Hoffman introduced a ridiculous and talented friend to their father. So began a cinematic biography of John Hill.

Hoffman contributed to Hill getting his first role in the comedy Heartbreakers. John’s characteristic appearance was the best possible way for the directors to offer comedic roles to the young man.

After “Crackers,” Hill was immediately invited to several projects that received a warm audience and high ratings. These comedic films “Forty-year-old virgin”, “Click: With a remote control for life” and “Boy for three”.

In 2006, John Hill was first nominated for the prestigious Teen Choice Awards. The award found the actor for the brilliant embodiment of the image of Sherman in the film by Steve Pink “They accepted us!”.

The greatest success and turning point in Jonah’s career happened in 2007. The sensational comedy projects Evan Almighty, Granite of Science, Slightly Pregnant and Super Peppers were released. For work in the latest comedy, the artist was nominated for the second Teen Choice Awards as the best comedian. And John Hill was awarded the MTV Movie Award as the one who made the Breakthrough of the Year.

Each year, John Hill delighted numerous fans with new works. The artist is extremely hardworking and appeared in several projects at once. In 2008, the films “Bigfoot,” “In Flight,” and “Just Add Water” were released. In 2010, the premiere of the comedy “Escape from Vegas”, where Hill again appeared in the guise of the protagonist.

In 2011, John Hill showed comedic talent in the family movie Nanny. His character, an ordinary college student, for one day becomes a nanny for two unruly boys and their sister. The artist brilliantly coped with the image of the youth of Noah, falling into ridiculous situations.

Among the new films in which the Hollywood comedian appeared, viewers noted the drama “The Man Who Changed Everything” and the comedy action movie “Macho and Nerd.” For the first project, John Hill was first nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe.

Critics and viewers with great pleasure watched the game of his beloved artist in Martin Scorsese’s painting “The Wolf from Wall Street”. Hill got the image of the financial partner of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is known that John agreed to participate in this project for a modest fee – $ 60 thousand, while DiCaprio received a reward of $ 25 million. Later, the artist admitted that he could not have taken money for the game at all, because he dreams of working with Scorsese every actor.

In 2015, Hill tried himself in a new role, starring in the thriller Rupert Gould’s “True Story”, where he reincarnated as a New York Times reporter who was fired due to a false article.

In 2016, the actor’s repertoire was replenished with a role in the comedy project of the Coen Brothers “Long Live Caesar!”, In which he talked about the disappearance of the eminent Hollywood star directly from the set. John reincarnated as lawyer Joe Silverman, involved in the investigation into the disappearance of the artist. A successful project of the year was the military comedy Guys with Trunks, in which Miles Teller joined John Hill.

Personal life
John Hill does not advertise the events of his personal life, but does not hide the relationship with the opposite sex. At one time, John was credited with an affair with Dustin Hoffman’s daughter, Alexandra. In 2008, Jordan Klein became the artist’s girlfriend. Young people even prepared for the wedding, but after four years of relationship broke up.

In 2015, Brooke Glaser, who worked as a nutritionist, became the chosen one of the actor, but the romance lasted only a few months. Almost immediately, John began dating a young lady named Camilla. According to some reports, the artist together with the girl still and even spent a vacation with her on the Mexican coast.

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