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Seth Aaron Rogen is a Canadian film actor and screenwriter who became famous after starring in the popular youth television series Freaky and Crazy. After such success, Seth Rogen continued to appear in comedy films, which brought the actor growing popularity. Today, the actor’s creative biography is also mainly associated with a humorous genre and light entertainment projects.

Seth Rogen was born and spent his childhood in the Canadian city of Vancouver. His father Mark Rogen was the head of the Jewish public organization Workmen’s Circle, and his mother Sandy Rogen worked for social services. In the footsteps of her mother went and Seth’s older sister, Donja.

Rogen attended the Talmud Torah Jewish elementary school, which instills religious concepts in children. Later, the teenager began going to Point Gray comprehensive school, but did not finish his studies. The fact is that at the age of 13, Seth began to act in films, and it was in high school that the actor was offered the main role in the project, and the young man considered that he did not need a certificate of maturity.

After a series of children’s roles, Seth Rogen received an offer to become the main character in the American television series Freaks and Nuts. Due to the image of fatty Ken, the actor had to leave school and move to the United States. Then another bright role followed, and again in the serial television movie – the sitcom Undecided. Interestingly, in this project, Seth first tried himself in the role of screenwriter, writing a plot for one series of the film.

Of the full-length paintings of Rogen comedy comedies. This is “A Little Pregnant” with Kristen Wiig, and “Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking” with James Franco, and “Zack and Miri Make Porn” with Elizabeth Banks. Seth continued to write scripts, and already worked completely on the whole idea, and not just on the episode. Films directed by Seth became popular, and the comedy “Super Peppers” brought the young man a number of awards at various film festivals for the best screenplay.

Seth Rogen’s first non-humorous film was The Green Hornet, a thriller followed by an ironic but still action movie Interview, the tragicomedy Life Is Beautiful about a cancer patient, and the biographical drama Steve Jobs. There, the actor plays a close friend of the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

However, the bulk of Rogen’s paintings still belongs to the entertainment genre and makes the viewer smile. Of the most striking films of recent times, it is worth mentioning at least “The Curse of My Mother”, where Seth shines in tandem with Barbra Streisand. In this comedy, the actors play the roles of a son and a mother, who, on the pretext of traveling around the country for the sake of advertising a new detergent, try to help each other establish their personal lives.

Also a vivid episode in Rogen’s career was the rating tape “End of the World 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood”, which was set by Seth Rogen along with Seth Goldberg. It is noteworthy that the actors play themselves in the film. The film begins with the fact that a friend comes to Seth, and together the comrades are sent to the James Franco housewarming party. When friends go to the store, the end of the world begins. The film shows the reaction to the cataclysms of Hollywood stars, who are sure that they will be saved in the first place, and ridicules the vices of society and such an unjust class stratification.

The actor played the main role in the comedy of absurdities “Neighbors. On the warpath, ”which continued in 2016. Seth Rogen played the role of a young father who moves to a new home. By a sad coincidence, noisy students become the neighbors of the family with a small child, with whom the new neighbors begin a real war.

The most sensational premiere of this period was the scandalous comedy tape “Interview”. The director of the picture was Seth Rogen himself, together with Evan Goldberg. Seth Rogen and James Franco played the lead roles of interviewers who got a conversation with Kim Jong-un and who are recruited by the CIA to kill the North Korean leader.

The actor also took part in the popular comedy show “Mockery”, in which comedians make fun of their colleagues without any censorship, while the mocked ones themselves are right next to them. Seth Rogen appeared in an issue dedicated to his friend and colleague, The Mockery of James Franco.

Personal life
In 2004, Seth Rogen met and began dating actress Lauren Miller, star of the comedy “If You Want to Have a Good Time, Call …”, for which the girl herself wrote the script. After six years of romantic relationship, Seth made Lauren an offer, and in October 2011 their wedding took place.

Now the actor and screenwriter is constantly living in Los Angeles, where it is more convenient for him to promote new ideas for film studios. Seth Rogen constantly collaborates with his partner Evan Goldberg, with whom, by the way, he has been friends since the time of his life in Vancouver.

Since family traditions are highly valued in the Rogen family, all relatives very often come together.

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