Bill Murray
Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the…

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An American-Canadian film actor, best known for his comedies of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as modern dramas and thrillers. Winner of four Golden Globe awards. Born January 17,…

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Johnny Depp
Biography Hollywood star of the first magnitude, actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician and singer. And it's all about him, Johnny Depp - the owner of the Golden Globe and a…

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Will ferrell

Will Ferrell is an actor, comedian, writer, screenwriter and producer. Born July 16, 1967 in Irvine, California. He was interested in acting at school, trying to copy the voices of celebrities. Will brought huge popularity to the role in the evening show “Saturday Night Live”, thanks to which the actor was nominated for an Emmy Award. After leaving the TV show, the actor began working in the cinema: “Austin Powers: The International Mystery Man” (1997), “Kings of Rock” (1997), “Ladies’ Man” (2000), “Sea Adventure” (2002), “Producers” ( 2005), “Hit and Shout” (2005), “Seller” (2009), “Personnel” (2013), “Strength” (2015), “Hello Dad, New Year!” (2016-2017).

John William Ferrell, better known as Will Ferrell, for several years topped the list of “revalued Hollywood actors” (according to Forbes magazine).

Forbes editors, of course, know better, but viewers in general and comedy fans in particular vote with their hearts – and in this simple Mid-American heart, Will takes a strong position from which only an untimely death can overthrow him.

Ferrell is a vivid example of a comedian, prolific screenwriter and successful producer who perfectly exploits his abilities for the wickedness of the day. He will always be “his” and “timely”, simply because his art requires him to be relevant, sharp and funny.

When you grow up in the suburbs, in a safe, residential, and in every detail planned place, there is no drama, so we had to create it in our heads. My main form of entertainment was making fun of friends and finding new ways to be funny. I did not have to have the survival instinct, like other comedians who grew up in difficult areas. Everything was the opposite for me. I grew up in well-being and comfort, and humor broke boredom. And there was something to laugh at.

Of course, he does not always succeed in satisfying the level of a high-standard reference comedy (such also exists in Hollywood), but his sketches, stand-ups, and characters created for one day react vividly to what surrounds an ordinary person. If one could compare one person with the genre, then Ferrell could be called the American KVN – he is cheerful, resourceful and optimistic.

From the very beginning of his appearance in the distant orbit of show business, Will knew that his masterpieces would come in his turn – the main thing was to find his director.

Will Ferrell’s career began in The Groundlings, an improvisational and comic troupe, where he performed with Melissa McCarthy, and then began to appear on a regular basis in the popular Saturday night live show, the main venue for many comedians and comedians of his generation.

For seven years of work from 1995 to 2002 on Saturday Night Live, thanks to his talent and gift of reincarnation, Ferrell achieved great popularity and recognition among the audience. In 2001, his salary on the show was $ 350 thousand per exit … Ferrell became the only actor in the show to receive an Emmy Award over the years. By the way, in 2014, the program unanimously voted for Ferrell as the best leading television show for the entire period of its existence on the screens.

After leaving television, he switched completely to cinema (until 2005, when Paul Feig and Judd Apatow invited him to his show “Office,” an American version of the British popular satirical show with Steve Carell in the title role.

Until 2002, comedies were released where Will appeared in episodes. But only in 2003, two films were released, where Ferrell was able to fully reveal his improvisational and acting talent.

The first film, Old School, showed the world the character of Frank “Tank” Richard. Critics unanimously said that the show belonged entirely to Ferrell – he was so convincing and good.

Ferrell makes this damn thing work. Even though he cannot undress or use the arsenal of dirty words in the world, Ferrell has a devilishly funny beginning, and he allows him to play. (Rolling stone)

“Old School” brought Will the first MTV Movie Awards as Best Comedian of the Year. Behind this success was the following: the main role in the film “Elf” and another nomination for the MTV Movie Awards.

The film, full of sweet joy, “Elf” is an energetic, good-natured family comedy, and she greatly benefits from the funny and charming Will Ferrell – one of Santa’s greatest helpers. (Rotten tomatoes)

“Elf” gave one of the most beloved Hollywood Christmas characters of the new century. Will Ferrell starred in Joe Favreau’s Christmas comedy, Buddy Elf, a shelter boy who accidentally hit the North Pole while climbing into Santa’s backpack. Buddy is brought up by the Pope of Elves and grows up in the full sense of his own “elfism,” until Papa and Santa reveal the truth to him: he is a foundling whose mother has already died and whose father does not even suspect his existence.

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