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Melissa McCarthy
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Anna Kay Faris

The Hollywood actress Anna Kay Faris, known to the audience under the abbreviated name Anna Faris, became famous all over the world after the comedy parody of the horror films “A Very Scary Movie”.

Anna was born in November 1976 in Baltimore. There were no actors and people of art in the family of the future star. Dad is a sociologist and teacher at Washington University, and Mom is a teacher at a Baltimore high school. Multinational blood flows in the veins of Faris. The mother of the actress is German by birth. And in the family there are French, British, Scots and Irish.

When her daughter turned 6 years old, the family moved to Edmonds. Here Anna and the girl’s younger brother Robert went to school. Already in the elementary grades, she showed considerable artistry, which was warmly supported by her parents. They took her daughter to a theater club. At age 9, the creative biography of Anna Faris began a rapid development. The young artist entered the stage of the Seattle theater, playing the first role.

As a teenager, a girl appeared in an advertisement for yogurt. During this period, she could already boast of several roles in the performances.

However, after graduation, Anna Faris decided to get a serious university education. She entered the University of Washington and chose the humanities department. For several years, the student studied English literature.

The world of art continued to attract the girl. In the early 1990s, viewers saw the first films of Anna Faris. At first, she got episodes and minor roles, but her skill grew, and this fact did not pass by the attention of the directors.

A breakthrough in the career of the actress was marked by the year 2000. Keenen Ivory Wayans’s black comedy “Scary Movie” blew up the air. The premiere took place in July and instantly turned Faris into a Hollywood star. At the box office, this parody project raised more than $ 270 million with a budget of $ 19 million. Anna played the main role of a flamboyant reporter in the comedy. For the film, a girl, a natural blonde, was repainted in a brunette. Since popularity and recognition came to the artist in this project, since then Anna has been mistakenly considered a brunette.

received a warm welcome and generous fees.

During these years, Anna Faris’s new films were released, among which the comedies “Little Chick”, “It’s Just Some Holiday!” And Sofia Coppola’s drama “Translation Difficulties” were popular. Perhaps, in the filmography of the star, this is the only dramatic role. Despite the excellent play, the directors rarely “saw” the actress in a tragic role, so Anna is most often trusted with comedic roles. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the girl once again appeared in the drama, however, only in the episode. This is the famous painting “Brokeback Mountain” about the tragic love of two cowboys.

The artist’s vocation is to laugh, which she brilliantly copes with in subsequent projects. In the famous sitcom Friends, she played the charming naive blonde Erica, who bears a child for Chandler and Monica. After the release of the series with her participation, the actress received a new wave of popularity.

In 2005, the fiery comedy “Big Grub” was released, in which the artist, in a duet with Ryan Reynolds, amuses the audience with pleasure eating cannabis cupcakes. In the same year, she reappears in the same picture with the future Deadpool, entitled “Just Friends.”

In 2007, a lovely blonde amused the audience in the romantic film “Boys Like It”, where she appeared in a seductive pink bunny costume. In the hilarious comedy “How much do you have?”, The beauty counts her lovers, and in “Take Me Home”, released in 2011, amuses the audience along with Topher Grace, once again proving her worth in a comedy role.

Often, a Hollywood star voices animated characters. The unique timbre of Anna sounds in the cartoon “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” The voice of the artist says the chipmunk Janet in the popular cartoons “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.

The charm of the actress is noticed by both directors, and spectators, and publishers of glossy magazines. The beauty appears on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Raygun and, of course, Playboy.

Cosmopolitan magazine in 2010 called the artist “the most fun and fearless woman of the year.” Another authoritative tabloid, The New Yorker, agreed with the publication. Author Thad Friend wrote that Anna Faris is “Hollywood’s most original comic actress.”

In 2013, the premiere of the sitcom “Mommy” started, where the main roles were played by Anna Faris and Allison Jenny. The project lasted until season 5, the last series of which was shown in May 2018.

Personal life
Anna met her first big love on the set of the picture “Lovers’ Lane” in 1999. Actor Ben Indra also starred in this film. In the summer of 2004, the couple married. But the family idyll did not last long: in 2007, the artist said she filed for divorce, explaining the breakup as “irreconcilable differences.” The beauty became free from the bonds of marriage in 2008.

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Biography The Hollywood actress Anna Kay Faris, known to the audience under the abbreviated name Anna Faris, became famous all over the world after the comedy parody of the horror…


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