John candy
Biography They say that the more fun the actor on the screen, the sadder his real life. This assumption largely applies to Canadian comedian John Candy, whose biography ended in…

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Adriano Celentano
Biography Adriano Celentano is a popular Italian actor, singer, showman and just a favorite of the public. "Man on the Springs", a native of the people, who today has great…

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Jean Marais
French actor, director, writer, artist, sculptor, stunt performer. His real name is Jean Alfred Villain-Marais, but since he is “bad” in French, he removed it from his name. Born on…

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Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the first magnitude.

William (Bill) James Murray was born in Illinois in September 1950. Children and youth passed in the town of Wilmett. Bill grew up in a low-income and large family. The boy was the 5th oldest out of 9 children. Later, four sons, including Bill, became famous actors.

But in childhood, and in early adolescence, nothing portended a successful future for Bill Murray. The guy was frankly slobbering. He studied poorly and skipped classes. The only occupation that seriously carried away such a frivolous teenager was a visit to a theater club. Bill later joked that he enrolled in the club solely because of the large number of pretty girls who worked there. However, in the studio Murray got the basics of acting.

After leaving school, at the insistence of his parents, the guy entered a medical college. It did not work out for a long time. Not only was Bill skipping classes, he also smoked marijuana. This was revealed when Murray at the Denver airport joked unsuccessfully. To the on-duty question of the airport employee in the suitcase, the young man answered “bomb”. Explosives were not found, but the marijuana that Murray forgot about was found.

Bill Murray in his youth Bill Murray in his youth
After this incident, Bill Murray was expelled from college, and the young man returned home.

Bill came to the cinema by chance. Elder brother Brian Murray studied at the Second City acting studio. Seeing how his younger brother was rushing around, Brian advised him to pass the tests. Unexpectedly for all, the guy not only brilliantly passed the casting, but was also accepted into a prestigious university.

Then the acting biography of Bill Murray began. No, the young man did not become more serious and responsible, as before, he joked and missed classes. But this frivolity drew Bill the attention of a famous producer. Murray was offered to become a co-host in the new musical-humorous television show. The project quickly turned into one of the highest rated, and TV presenters instantly became famous.

The fame of the charming comedian opened the door to the actor in the world of Hollywood. The young artist received several offers from famous directors at once. Viewers first saw Murray in the films Golf Club, Lost Shoes, Where the Buffalo Wanders, and Voluntarily Volunteers. But Murray’s first tangible success in the movie was a minor role in the Tootsie bestseller, where Dustin Hoffman played the main character.

Bill Murray in the movie Ghostbusters Bill Murray in the movie Ghostbusters
As for fame, it literally fell upon Bill Murray after the release of the cult film Ghostbusters, which started in 1984. The young artist instantly turned into a Hollywood star.

In subsequent years, Bill appeared in a number of uninteresting projects. But with the release of the sequel to Ghostbusters and the New Christmas Story, Murray regained lost ground and star glitter.

In 1990, the first and so far the last experience of producing and directing Murray. Bill directed the comedy Quick Changes, where he played the main character Grimm Chipowski, who, together with his friend Fills (Gina Davis) and friend Lumis (Randy Quaid), robbed a mafia establishment. Young people were almost lucky, they left the police undetected. But failed at the phone call, which allowed them to calculate.

Bill Murray was finally able to gain a foothold in Hollywood by playing the main character of the film bestseller Groundhog Day. The amazing story of the repetition of the same day rightfully occupies a special place in the filmography of Murray. The company on screen to the actor was the beauty Andy MacDowell, a sex symbol of the 90s. Critics warmly accepted the work of the creative tandem of director Harold Ramis and actor Bill Murray, the film even hit the US National Register of Films, but at the box office showed modest results – only $ 70 million.

At the same time, with the participation of the actor, the comedy “What about Bob?” And the tragicomedy “Ed Wood” were released. An interesting experience for Bill Murray was the participation in the comedy “More Than Life”, where he was to play the intellectual Jack, who inherited the elephant Vera.

In 1998, Bill diversified the palette of his own roles. The actor starred in the erotic thriller “Wildness”, but here the role was with a comedic hue. Bill appeared in the guise of an eccentric lawyer who came to the aid of Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon), who was unlawfully accused of rape.

In the same year, the artist’s repertoire was replenished with a role in the drama Academy of Rushmore. In 2000, Bill Murray got into the key cast of the adventure action movie Charlie’s Angels, where the main characters brilliantly played Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu.

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