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Johnny Depp

Hollywood star of the first magnitude, actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician and singer. And it’s all about him, Johnny Depp – the owner of the Golden Globe and a multiple Oscar nominee. The name of the actor, as the highest paid, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Popular actor and musician Johnny Depp (full name is John Christopher Depp II) was born in the American town of Owensboro on June 9, 1963. It’s difficult to call Johnny a domestic child, for good reason: the father led a wild life, he loved to drink a surplus of alcohol, beat his mother, and children were also left: two sons and two daughters. With his older brother Daniel, Johnny was not close, preferring to spend time on the streets of the city. Once a teenager walked along the parapet of the eighth floor for self-affirmation.

The star’s biographers explain the explosive nature of the Indian, Irish and German blood mixed in his veins. Grandfather Johnny is a Cherokee Indian, and grandmother came from the Scream tribe.

Johnny Depp strove to stand out and managed to become a kind of idol for others, able to lead him. The guy hated school and skipped classes, from the age of 12 he smoked and drank alcohol. According to the artist, at the age of 13 he “became a man”. At the same age, he was expelled from school.

Parents divorced when Johnny Depp was 15 years old. The guy reacted to what happened, adding drugs and rock and roll to other “achievements”. Johnny performed on the stages of Florida nightclubs with the band The Kids (“Kids”), playing the electric guitar donated by his mother.

The guy survived the death of his beloved grandfather, who spent most of his childhood. The mother of the future Hollywood star married a second time to the writer Robert Palmer, whom Depp later called the “mastermind.”

At 16, Johnny Depp left the house and left for Los Angeles, his friend’s car became his residence. Means of subsistence had to be earned by hard work at construction sites, working as a courier and selling fountain pens, but Depp devoted all his leisure time to music. At the age of 20, the musician married the 5-year-old older make-up artist Laurie Ann Allison. The wife’s hectic and non-monetary life with Johnny annoyed. The musician’s career froze.

Two years later, the couple divorced. But Laurie managed to introduce her husband to Nicolas Cage, and the actor sent the guy to his agent. So began a cinematic biography of Johnny Depp. Thanks to charisma and innate artistry, the young artist was on the set.


A minor role in Oliver Stone’s “Platoon”, where Johnny Depp played Private Lerner, did not bring success: in the final version, all scenes with the private were cut out. But the work in the series for the youth audience, which became hits thanks to the handsome Johnny, glorified the young actor. Jump Street 21 was released in 1987 and stretched over four years. In the series, as a guest, Depp’s age appeared – Brad Pitt. The project brought Johnny the frenzied popularity and hated idol status of underage girls.

In 1990, two rating projects were released: the musical movie “Crybaby” and the fantastic film by Tim Burton “Edward Scissorhands”. With this picture, the actor begins a fruitful collaboration with a famous director. The main role in the fantastic melodrama brought Johnny Depp a loud recognition and nomination for the Golden Globe Award. On the set of “Edward Scissorhands,” the actor met with Winona Ryder.

In the mid-90s, viewers saw the paintings “Benny and June” and “Ed Wood”, thanks to which Johnny Depp again got into the Golden Globe nomination. This period, the actor’s fans love for his work in the mystical film of the independent American director Jim Jarmusch “The Dead”, which was criticized by the critics on the list of film masterpieces of the last twenty years, and for the romantic comedy by Jeremy Levin “Don Juan De Marco”.

In 1997, a new wave of audience love “covered” the actor thanks to the dramas “Johnny Brasco” and “The Brave”. In the last project, Depp made his debut as a director and screenwriter. In Brave, Johnny Depp played in tandem with Marlon Brando and was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival in three ways: as a director, screenwriter and actor. He was awarded the Golden Palm Branch.

In 2003, after the deafening triumph of the adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp becomes a Hollywood star of the first magnitude. The following year, moviegoers saw a biographical drama about writer James Barry, creator of Peter Pan. In the film, Depp appeared in a star duet with Kate Winslet. Mark Forster’s painting is showered with prestigious awards. Johnny is nominated for the second (after “Pirates of the Caribbean”) Oscar, Screen Actors Guild of the USA, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Empire Awards and Saturn.

In the same year, Johnny Depp strengthens the status of a sex symbol: the film “Libertine” is released. Count John Wilmot, in which the actor transforms, is a poet, politician, bisexual and favorite of Charles the Second. The role of the king went to John Malkovich.

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