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Kate Hudson is an American actress who became famous after the release of the movie “Almost Famous,” and then confirmed her professional solvency by her roles in the films “How to Get Away a Guy in 10 Days” and “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend”.

Kate was born in Los Angeles in a famous family. Father Bill Hudson was the musician of the legendary band The Hudson Brothers, and mother Goldie Hawn is an incredibly successful actress. The family also raised a three-year-old elder brother Kate, whose name was Oliver.

When the girl was only one and a half years old, her parents divorced. Further education of children was engaged in by mother and her new husband, actor Kurt Russell. Already in adulthood, Kate and Oliver will tell that from childhood they treated Russell as their own father, since Bill was not interested in the fate of the children. By the way, Goldie and Kurt gave the daughter of another brother – Wyatt.

Hudson went to Crossroads private school in the California suburb of Santa Monica, where the family lived. After receiving a certificate, the girl went to New York and entered a prestigious university. However, Kate did not study there for long, since she decided to become, like her mother, an actress, and Kate did not see a better education than experience on the set.

The debut in the movie for Kate Hudson was a small role in the television series “Five of us” and the psychological drama “Desert Sadness”. The popularity of the actress was brought by the romantic musical comedy “Two Cigarettes”, and the role of rock fan Penny Lane in the musical “Almost Famous” gave the first nomination for an Oscar.

In 2002, Kate was approved for the main female role in the blockbuster Spider-Man, but the girl broke the contract in order to star in the military historical film Four Feathers. After this film, Kate agreed only to the main roles.

A series of well-proven romantic comedies followed: “Alex and Emma”, “How to Get Rid of a Guy in 10 Days”, “Fashionable Mommy”, “Divorce”, “He, Me and His Friends”, “Girl of My Best Friend” and others .

Hudson’s repertoire also included the detective “The Key to All Doors”, the adventure thriller “Gold of Fools”, the political thriller “Fundamentalist Willingly”, the action movie “Easy Money” and the melodrama “I Want to Be Here”. But romantic comedies in the filmography of the actress still prevail. It is impossible not to mention the film “War of the Brides”, where Kate works in tandem with Anne Hathaway, “The main thing is not to be afraid!” With Lucy Punch and “Groom for Rent”, in which Ginnifer Goodwin acted as Hudson’s partner.

In addition to her acting career, the indefatigable Hudson is trying his hand at producing, directing and writing scripts. The actress presented her first producer experience in a creative biography in 2005 on television, when the girl claimed responsibility for the promotion of the 14 hours television movie.

In 2007, Kate released the shortcut Cutlass. In the comedy, it was about the dream of a young girl, the embodiment of which was an unattainable expensive guitar. To work on the film, Kate attracted Virginia Madsen, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart and even stepfather Kurt Russell. Two years later, the actress acted as a producer and performer of the main role in the comedy “War of the Brides.” The success of the film was confirmed by box office, which reached $ 120 million.

Personal life
By American standards, Kate Hudson got married early, at 21. The girl’s husband was Chris Robinson, musician and vocalist of the rock band The Black Crowes, whom Kate met on the set of the musical “Almost Famous”. The young lived together for seven years and managed to give life to their son Ryder Russell Robinson.

Then Kate started a long romance with actor Owen Wilson, a partner in the film “He, Me, and His Friends.” But this relationship was quite aggressive. The couple often quarreled, and once Owen even tried to commit suicide due to a skirmish with his lover. Having made sure that the man’s life was not in danger, Hudson broke the connection with him.

The next actress’s boyfriends were the famous comedian Dax Shepard and the cyclist Lance Armstrong. But these novels left a fleeting trace in Kate’s personal life. But with the singer and musician Matthew Bellamy, the leader of the popular band Muse, Kate had a serious relationship. The lovers lived in an actual marriage and even became the parents of Bingham boy Hawn Bellamy. But when the baby was three years old, his parents filed for divorce.

Kate Hudson, like Goldie Hawn, adheres to the concepts of the eastern religion of Buddhism. The girl observes spiritual practices and daily devotes at least 20 minutes, which she devotes to meditation.

At the end of 2016, the media reported that Kate was dating Brad Pitt. The speculation was also confirmed by the younger brother of actress Oliver. The actors themselves refrained from commenting.

But in the spring, the actress dispelled the rumors with a new novel. In May 2017, the actress first appeared openly at a social event with a new elect – Danny Fujikawa, musician and owner of Lightwave Records. Lovers have known each other for 15 years and only now they have decided on close relationships.

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