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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a Hollywood superstar. It is difficult to argue with this if you look at film masterpieces with the participation of the artist. Confirm this fact and those awards that have gathered in the piggy bank of the actress. Whoopi is the owner of 4 major awards: Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and Tony. And if you add 2 Golden Globes, BAFTA and your own star on the Walk of Fame to the listed prizes, you can see the scale of this person.

Karin Elaine Johnson, this is the name of the star, was born in the immigrant district of New York – Chelsea. The family lived in poverty. Mom worked as a nurse, then got a job as a teacher. Father was a priest.

Alias ​​“Whoopi” (means “pillow-fart”) Karin Elaine received in childhood. When the time came and a creative pseudonym was needed, Johnson remembered her childhood nickname. Mom told her daughter the idea of ​​adding to the ridiculous name of Whoopi the pompous surname Goldberg. She jokingly explained that the name Johnson is “not Jewish enough” and will not suit the star.

As a child, the girl was unable to attend school and quit classes. She showed congenital dyslexia, in which it is difficult to master writing and reading. Although Whoopi was not particularly struggling with an inborn problem: she was carried away by the hippie movement and left home.

A talent for acting showed up at Karin Elaine Johnson at age 8. At this age, she began attending the Helen Rubenstein Experimental Theater. Soon, the black girl was entrusted with prominent roles with which she brilliantly coped.

However, in adolescence and youth, after leaving the house in the hippie community, Johnson had to think not about performing on stage, but about a piece of bread. She worked as a watchman, moonlighted at a construction site and made up the dead. For some time, the girl was helped by unemployment benefits. Another problem added to the existing problems: Whoopi became addicted to smoking marijuana, after which she switched to hard drugs.

An activist of one organization that fought against drug addiction, Alvin Martin, helped her jump out of this pit. He tore the future Hollywood star from the clutches of death and married her. Soon, the couple had a daughter, Alexander. In the life of the actress, a bright streak began. In 1974, 19-year-old Whoopi finally got a job at the San Diego Theater. Martin refused to leave New York. The couple broke up.

On the west coast of America began a brilliant creative biography of Whoopi Goldberg. At first she played in several amateur theater troupes. Enlightenment and a breakthrough happened when Goldberg had to play two roles at once in the production of “Mother Courage”. The artist thought that she could afford to play several roles in her own solo performance. So the project was born, later called the Ghost Show. Go ahead and easily transform it into a beggar or a millionaire.

With a solo performance, the dark-skinned artist successfully toured first in the cities of America, Canada and Europe. In 1984, the talented Goldberg was noticed by Mike Nichols. He helped Whoopy perform with his production on Broadway. After that, the actress was invited to the musical “Jesus Christ is a superstar” and in a few less significant ones.

Glory, loud and incredible, fell upon Whoopi Goldberg in 1985, when she was 30 years old. She heard that Steven Spielberg was going to film the Alice Walker epic novel, “Flowers of the Purple Fields.” To obtain the role, the artist asked the writer herself about this, sending her a letter. Walker, who saw Whoopi Goldberg in Broadway productions, asked Spielberg to pay attention to the black actress. He invited the woman to audition and approved for the main role.

This film brought Whoopi an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe Award.

It is noteworthy that the debut role, which began the star filmography of Goldberg, was dramatic. But soon the audience saw a rising star in comedic images. “Jack Poprygun”, “Thief”, “Fatal Beauty”, “Act, sister”, “Ghost” – these movie hits were highly appreciated by critics and enthusiastically received by the audience.

Comedy, science fiction, detectives, dramas – Whoopi Goldberg was good everywhere. Moreover, fans of the star with equal admiration perceived their favorite actress in various roles. The dramatic films The Ghosts of Mississippi, The Long Way Home, Homer and Eddie are the masterpieces of world cinema that have been included in the gold fund.

1991 brought the Hollywood actress “Oscar”, “Golden Globe” and the BAFTA Award for her role as a psychic in the film “Ghost”. It is noteworthy that initially they wanted to invite another artist to the role of Oda May Brown, but Patrick Swayze, a fan of Whoopi’s work, persuaded the creators in choosing Goldberg’s candidacy.

The following year, Whoopi’s acting work was celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival. The jury was interested in the paintings of Serafin and The Player by Robert Altman.

The actress is also known as a TV presenter, who knows how to keep the audience “on tone” and entertain. For several years she participated in the comic program “Comic Assistance”. And after 1994, when the star was entrusted with conducting the Oscar.

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