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Biography Kate Hudson is an American actress who became famous after the release of the movie “Almost Famous,” and then confirmed her professional solvency by her roles in the films…

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Isla Fisher

Isla Lang Fisher is an Australian film actress of Scottish descent, remembered by fans of world cinema for her participation in the films “Marrying the First Counter”, “The Illusion of Deception”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Uninvited Guests”. In addition, in her youth she published several children’s books.

A girl was born in the Arab country of Oman, and grew up in Australia. The fact is that the father of the future actress, Brian Fisher, was a financier at the United Nations and just at that moment was engaged in the banking structure in Muscat, the capital of this Asian country. A few months later, the Fishers returned to Scotland, to the town of Bathgate. The actress was named after one of the British Isles. And later, in the biography of Isla Fisher, the Australian city of Perth appears, where the family moved to permanent residence.

At that time, Islay was about six years old and today she is happy to recall her childhood in open spaces. The girl, along with four older brothers, constantly went on long hikes, studied and absorbed the beauty of nature. When Fisher was 9 years old, she was invited to local television to try her hand at televisions. She began to appear in commercials, and a little later in children’s television shows.

After graduating from the Methodist College for Women, in which the girl paid more attention to the school theater studio, Isla leaves for Paris and enters the Jacques Lecock International Theater School. There she studies pantomime, clowning and comedy art. The next item in the biography of Isla Fisher is London. The actress plays on the stage of the Royal Theater in the play “Everybody Does It” and toured with the musical “Summer Vacations”.

By the way, when Fisher was still a young 18-year-old girl, she, together with her mother Elspeth Reed, wrote and published two novels for teenagers: “Bewitched” and “Seduced by Fame”. For Australian children, these books were a success. Now Isla Fisher and her whole family are scattered around the world: Isla’s father alternately lives in Germany, then in Nicaragua, mother and brothers in Greek Athens, and the actress herself has long settled in Los Angeles, closer to Hollywood film companies.

At a young age, Islay appeared in Australian teenage television films Bay City and Paradise Beach, and later played Shannon Reed in the family saga Home and On the Road. For work on this series, the young actress was awarded the “Logie” award in the “Miss Popularity” nomination. The first fame in Europe came to Fisher after the release of the German horror film “The Pool” and the adventure comedy “Scooby-Doo.” In the last of them, the girl played a dog allergy Mary Jane. Since Isa’s character was supposed to be blonde, she wore a wig on the set.

A breakthrough in Fisher’s career occurred after the MTV Award for participating in the light melodrama Uninvited Guests. In the film, the girl appeared along with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, Rachel Macadams and other famous artists.

Thanks to this film, Isla Fisher received another unusual award: the girl was invited to talk about filming on the talk show “Wandering”, where she turned out to be a jubilee thousandth guest and was crowned on the air.

After that, the actress was given the main roles in the romantic comedy “I Will Marry the First Counter”, the melodrama “Yes, No, Probably”, the humorous series “The Bachelors” and the ironic film “The Shopaholic”. It is interesting that initially the critics received the “Shopaholic” underlined cool, but the audience enjoyed going to the cinema, and the tape took fourth place for movie distribution, and Isla herself received the Teen Choice Award for her role as Rebecca Bloomwood.

In 2012, Fisher again tried herself as a voice actress. The Tooth Fairy in the cartoon “Keepers of Dreams” is talking in the voice of the girl. The year before, she voiced Bobitt in the animated film “Rango”, and in 2008, Dr. Mary Lou Lara in the animated film “Horton”.

The thriller Illusion of Deceit, where Fisher worked with Jesse Eisenberg, and the horror film Visions, were a great success.

An important event in the film career of the artist happened in 2013. Isla received one of the main roles in the drama “The Great Gatsby”, a film adaptation of the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. She got a character named Myrtle Wilson. She became Joel Edgerton’s screen lover. On the set, Islay managed to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, Carey Mulligan and others.

It is worth highlighting such projects of the actress as the psychological drama “Under the Cover of Night” and the comedy action movie “Spies in the Neighborhood.” The first film won several prestigious awards. Another tape received the Grand Prix of the jury of the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

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