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Christina Applegate is an American actress. The girl starred in the films “Heroes”, “Cutie”. The series “Married and with Children” opened the actress to the world of Hollywood and gave popularity. Repeatedly awarded the Golden Globe and Emmy Award.

Childhood and youth
In Hollywood, November 25, 1971 became one more actress. In the family of Bobby Applegate and Nancy Priddy, a daughter named Christina was born. Parents of the baby belonged to the artistic sphere: her father worked in a record company, and his mother was on backing vocals with Leonard Cohen, starred in the TV series “The Witch”.

After a while, Bobby and Nancy decided to divorce. Father married a second time. Two children were born in the marriage – Alice and Kyle. Christina talks with step-relatives.

It is not surprising that the name Christina Applegate first sounded when the girl was 3 months old. A child was taught to work from infancy. Christina didn’t have a normal childhood, because her parents tried to introduce the baby to the cinema world.

Due to her acting career, Applegate did not receive secondary education. At 17, the girl took the documents from school and went to conquer Hollywood. Only at the age of 20 Christina thought about the future.

Hollywood parties ceased to please the young actress, so Applegate rested from society, closing in the room. The company of the girl was music and literature.

Christina’s professional biography as an actress began at the age of five months. Baby Applegate starred in advertising diapers. With her mother, the girl was on the project “Days of our life.” When the teenager turned 13 years old, the directors were invited to shoot the film. The girl was supposed to appear on the screen in the role of the young Grace Kelly.

17-year-old Kristina turned into a star after the start of the broadcast on the American television of the sitcom “Married and with Children”. The series turned out to be so popular that sales in the US and Canada of posters with Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) grew at an incredible rate. Filming in the sitcom lasted 10 years.

In 1990, a movie about teenagers called Streets was released. The first blockbuster in the filmography of the actress was the comedy “Do not tell mom that the nanny is dead.” The picture was presented a year after the drama.

The directors Gregg Araki and Tim Burton, known for their tendency to create films in the style of an art house, showed interest in Applegate. Then there was work on the tapes Vibration, On the Other Side of the Moon, Wild Bill, Mars Attacks, and Nowhere.

As soon as the shooting of the series “Married with Children” was completed, and this happened in 1997, Christina’s career spun with renewed vigor. In 1998, the girl begins to create the series “Jesse.” For their role in the show, Applegate was awarded the TV Guide Magazine Award and nominated for the Golden Globe Award.

In 2001, the film “Aliens in America” ​​was released. The picture tells about time travel. Bright work was “Cutie”, in which Christina played the role of the girlfriend of the main character in the performance of Cameron Diaz. The producers of the series “Friends” allowed Applegate to star in two episodes. Sitcom brought good luck to Christina, as the girl received an Emmy for him.

This was followed by work in the films “Heroes”, “Top View is Better”, “The Great Parsons Abduction”, “Surviving Christmas”, “Hero of the Month”. In 2004, a new stage of life begins. The girl was invited to the musical “Sweet Charity”, which was put on Broadway. For her role in the play, Christina received the World Theater Award.

From the latest work of the actress, one can distinguish “Vacations”, “Very Bad Mommies” and “Nochlezhka”. Christina participated in the dubbing of the movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks: A Grand Chip Chip Adventure.”

Personal life
At the age of 18, American actor Brad Pitt appeared on the path of Christina Applegate. The young girl won the heart of the sex symbol of Hollywood, which at that time the man was not. Long time acquaintance, one company played a significant role in the formation of romantic relationships. But the novel, according to Christina, did not become serious. Pitt thought otherwise. The young actress at some point realized that her personal life was addictive, so she decided to leave Brad.

In 2001, Applegate announced that she had married a lover named Jonathan Shek. The ceremony was held in Palm Springs. The actress invited friends and relatives to the event. Four years later, Christine divorced her husband because of irreconcilable contradictions. Officially issued documents ex-lovers in 2007.

In 2005, the girl met a new love. It’s about skateboarder Lee Grivas. The affair lasted two years. Three years later, Christine was introduced to the musician Martin LeNoble. The young man liked the actress. Between them a romantic relationship began.

In the same period, the girl found out that she was sick. Doctors diagnosed Christina with breast cancer. The doctors urgently performed a mastectomy, that is, they removed both breasts. Due to this, the probability of relapse was reduced by 100%. Appgate has been successful here too. After some time, doctors declared victory over the disease.

Popular French comedian starring in more than 160 films. Fernand Joseph Desiree Contanden (real name Fernandel) was born May 8, 1903 in Marseille, in the family of a pharmacist. The…


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