Lyubov Orlova
Biography The future icon of Soviet cinema Lyubov Petrovna Orlova was born in 1902 in a family of nobles. Her father, who served in the military, had several awards from…

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Charlie Chaplin
Biography Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known to us as Charlie Chaplin, was born in April 1889. In the family of pop actors of the London Music Hall, he was…

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Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy is a cult American comedian whose finest hour fell on the 80s. Paintings such as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Policeman, Trip to America, Swap, Dr. Dolittle and many…

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Charlie Chaplin

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known to us as Charlie Chaplin, was born in April 1889. In the family of pop actors of the London Music Hall, he was the first common child. Prior to her marriage to Charlie’s father, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Hannah gave birth to her first son, Sidney Hill. His father was a certain Jew Hawks. But after marriage, Sydney Hill, like Charlie’s uterine brother, received the name Chaplin.

The early childhood of Charlie and his brother Sid was a happy one. Father was extremely popular. He had a pleasant baritone, was regularly invited to London’s music halls and toured extensively throughout Europe. But soon, the previously existing problem with alcohol worsened, and the 37-year-old Chaplin Sr. died in a hospital in London.

Charlie’s widowed mother continued to perform in the music hall, but she began to have problems with the larynx. Once, 5-year-old Charlie Chaplin, whom his mother constantly took with her, had to replace her mother. When she could not finish her song, the immediate boy went on stage and began to sing himself.

Affectionate spectators showered him with coins and small bills. Charles, having quit singing, gathered money under the audience’s laughter and only then finished it. Probably, then the creative biography of Charlie Chaplin began.

Then his childhood ended. Hannah was no longer able to speak. And soon, when the boy was 7 years old, her mother lost her mind, and she was placed in a psychiatric hospital. Charlie and Sid went to an orphanage. At the age of 9, Charlie Chaplin was accepted into the dance group “Eight Lancashire Guys”. It was here that he first made the audience laugh, portraying a cat on a Christmas pantomime in 1900.

But a year later, Charlie left the group. He had to earn a living and simply did not have time to study and attend school. Charlie Chaplin worked wherever he was taken. He sold newspapers, helped nurses in the hospital, and worked at a print shop.

At the age of 14, Chaplin’s dream came true: Charlie was accepted for permanent work in the theater and received the role of a messenger in the production of Sherlock Holmes. It is noteworthy that the teenager was illiterate. Therefore, brother Sid helped him learn the role.

In 1908, 19-year-old Charlie Chaplin was admitted to the Fred Carnot Theater, where pantomimes and sketches for English music halls were prepared. Very soon, the young man becomes a key actor in most performances. After 2 years, the Carnot troupe goes on tour in America. Then Charlie Chaplin decided that he would stay in the USA.

Once Chaplin’s performance was seen by Mac Sennet. The American film producer liked the game so much that he invited the artist to work in his studio. In September 1913, Charlie Chaplin signed a contract with Keystone. The studio pledged to pay him $ 150 a week.

At first things were not going very well. Sennet even wanted to fire Charlie Chaplin, considering his decision to take him reckless. But after a year, the Englishman becomes the leading actor. Viewers like this rude impromptu hero of Mac Sennet. But they like the artist even more when he backs away from the image invented by Sennet. When Chaplin, playing the invented by Senneth Chez (or Chase) brings into the game more humanity and lyricism, the audience more warmly greeted the hero.

One day, Sennet asked Charlie Chaplin to somehow make up for the comedy film “Children’s Car Racing.” Then the artist came up with his new image, which is now familiar to all of us. These are wide trousers, a too narrow jacket (business card), a small bowler hat, huge boots dressed on the wrong foot, and a mustache.

So the image of Little Tramp was born. Over time, a cane, seen by Charlie in one of his father’s photos, was added to this familiar to all of us appearance. The tramp instantly becomes megapopular. But when Charlie Chaplin succeeds, he begins to realize that he can be a more successful screenwriter and director than those who manage him.

In 1914, Chaplin’s first film appeared, entitled “Caught by the Rain.” Here Charles performed not only as an actor, but also for the first time as a director and screenwriter. Unlike the Keystone studio, with which Chaplin leaves, the Esseney Film studio pays the artist $ 1250 for a week of work and 10 thousand for a contract.

In the years 1916-17, the “Movie Film” paid for the work of the comedian even better: 10 thousand dollars a week and 150 thousand per contract. In 1917, Charlie Chaplin signed a contract with the studio “First National” in the amount of 1 million dollars and became the most expensive actor of his time.

In 1919, Chaplin got his own United Artists film studio. Charles Chaplin worked at this studio until the early 1950s, when he was forced to leave America forever. The most popular films shot by Charlie Chaplin at United Artists were the full-length films Parisian, Gold Rush, City Lights and New Times.

The picture “Parisian” the audience took a cool. This is a psychological drama where Chaplin appeared only as a cameo. The habit of seeing the favorite image of Little Tramp prevailed.

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