Steven John Carell
Steven John Carell, appearing in the credits under the abbreviated name Steve Carell, is an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as disorderly manager Michael Scott in…

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Pierre Richard
Biography Pierre Richard is a French comedian who gained popularity after the release of the films Tall Blond in a Black Boot, Unlucky, Dad, and Toy. The artist is known…

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Biography The Hollywood actress Anna Kay Faris, known to the audience under the abbreviated name Anna Faris, became famous all over the world after the comedy parody of the horror…

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Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano is a popular Italian actor, singer, showman and just a favorite of the public. “Man on the Springs”, a native of the people, who today has great authority among fans. The pioneer of Italian rock and roll, the performer of the first rap composition, the owner of the first independent recording studio in the world, the creator of the first Italian video clip, he is able to influence the minds of his compatriots, speaking out against controversial political and economic initiatives.

Childhood and youth
Adriano Celentano was born in Milan on January 6, 1938, on the day of Befana, on the feast of jokes and practical jokes. The family was large and poor, and mother Judith, a dressmaker by profession, at the time of the appearance of her son, the world was already 44 years old. Adriano became the fifth child in a row. He spent his childhood in his hometown on Gluck Street, which he would later mention in a famous song.

The financial situation of the family and the death of his father forced the teenager to leave school at age 12 and get a job as an assistant watchmaker. Wherever Celentano appeared, he began to amuse others with endless sketches. For this behavior, as a young man, Adriano received cuffs from his mother. Judith believed that only slap in the face could affect the prudence of her son.

In his youth, the witty Adriano often, fooling around, parody the famous comedian Jerry Lewis. It was so good for him that his sister sent him a photo in the form of a double competition. He won by receiving 100 thousand lire as a prize.

In 1955, Adriano heard Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” and fell in love with rock and roll forever. In addition, his mother loved this music, always turning it on in the morning. Celentano, waking up to the sounds of rock and roll, became a member of the rock band “Rock Boys”. It also included Giorgio Gaber and Luigi Tenko. The artist himself writes and performs his songs, works on the repertoire and with his friend Miki Del Prete, who will become its producer.

Together with the Rock Boys in 1957, Celentano receives a “musical baptism” in the Milan Ice Palace at the Rock and Roll Festival, the first in Italy. The songs were mostly covers in English, but their group risked performing their own creation in Italian. As a result, the song “I will tell you” ciao “” took 1st place.

In 1958, Adriano Celentano was already traveling alone to win the festival in Ancona. He conquered the jury with the song “Il tuo bacio è come un rock”, whose name translates as “Your kiss like rock.” Jolly concludes a contract with a young performer. So begins his solo activity, in the same year interrupted by his departure to the army.

In 1961, Adriano Celentano first appears at the San Remo Festival. Military service cannot keep him from participating. We have to get special permission from the Minister of Defense. This was an exceptional case, because earlier only athletes traveling to the competition could obtain such permission.

The song “24000 baci” becomes a hit, a song of the decade. With her, Celentano wins 2nd place. The first prize was not awarded to him just because the judges seemed impolite his manner of turning his back to the viewer. In the same year, the artist breaks the contract with Jolly and creates his own record label, collecting his own company from friends and associates. They call themselves “Clan Celentano.”

In 1962, he won the Katajiro competition with the song Stai lontana da me (You Are Far From Me), and toured Italy and France.

In 1966, he recalls his native street, performing the song “Il ragazzo della via Gluck” (“Guy from Gluck Street”) at the San Remo festival. This time he does not receive a prize, but later the composition becomes a real hit. “Il ragazzo della via Gluck” has a socio-political character.

In the future, Celentano will return to this line more than once. After 2 years, the song “Canzone” in San Remo brings him 3rd place. The third appearance at the famous festival ends with the long-awaited victory in 1970. He performs a song in a duet with his wife.

Since 1965, albums under the label “Clan Celentano” are released almost every year. At this time, Celentano collaborated with composer Paolo Conte. “Azzurro” becomes an unofficial anthem for the World Cup in 2006. Celentano’s creativity is largely due to his life credo, the confidence that the duty of an artist at the highest level is to confront injustice. Therefore, in his repertoire, songs are not only about love.

The 1972 album “I mali del secolo” includes only songs composed by Celentano himself. The texts are devoted to the problems of the modern world. He is especially concerned about environmental pollution. The 1976 Svalutation is also filled with ironic and topical songs in highlighting environmental issues and social crises. Albums have become popular throughout Europe.

In 1979, Celentano collaborated with Toto Cutugno. Soli lasted 58 weeks at the top of the hit parades.

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