American film actor. Born September 21, 1950 in the town of Wilmett, Illinois. He was the fifth of nine children in the family of Ed Murray, a timber company sales…

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Bill Murray
Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the…

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Melissa McCarthy
Biography Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, star of the films Big Boss, Bridesmaids, Catch a Fat Woman If You Can, Spy, Ghostbusters and others. She is the most popular…

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Jean Rochefort

Born Jean Raul Robert, he was born in 1930 in Paris into a Breton family. He studied at the Nantes Conservatory, and then at the Drama Center and the Higher National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. His classmates were Claude Risch, Jean-Pierre Mariel and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

On the theatrical stage, Rochefort – since 1949. He worked in many theaters, including the troupe of the National Folk Theater. The actor’s film debut took place in 1958.

Rochefort became a famous actor in 1962 – after the movie of Philippe de Brock “Cartouche”. And Rochefort developed this success in 1965, playing in the next picture of de Brock, “The misfortunes of the Chinese in China.”

One of the memorable works of the actor was the picture of Marcel Deville and Charles Gerard “Bullet in the barrel.” The next year Rochefort spent in the USSR, where he starred in the comedy “Leon Garos is looking for a friend.”

World fame came to him thanks to the role of lawyer Degrey in the series of paintings by Bernard Borderi about Angelica (“Angelica – the Marquise of Angels”, “Angelica in Anger”, “Angelica and the King”, “Indomitable Angelica”, “Angelica and the Sultan”). Also in his filmography – the supporting roles in “Tall Blonde in a Black Boot” (and “The Return of the Tall Blonde”) by Yves Robert, in “The Iron Mask”, “Tango”, “Mockery”, “And Elephants are Wrong”, “Man who killed Don Quixote. ”

It is interesting that in Russia the actor has what is called “his own glory” and his own audience. In the 70s, against the backdrop of the Cold War with the United States, the Goskino USSR was actively friends with French film institutes. For this reason, for example, all “Angeliki” triumphantly passed in the Soviet box office in the 60s, and both “Tall Blondes …” collected hundreds of millions of rubles in the next decade. Since then, in our country, he has gained the status of a comedic sex symbol. While in France, Jean Rochefort is known as a theatrical actor who participated in productions of works by English playwrights.

In 2000, Rochefort took part in the filming of the Cervantes novel “Don Quixote”; the project was directed by Terry Gilliam, a member of the comedy team “Monty Python”. However, due to a back injury, Rochefort was forced to leave the project, the scenery was washed away by the flood, and the shooting stopped.

In all, during his career, Rochefort has played more than a hundred roles in film, theater and television and has become the laureate of three national French César awards.

The first statuette was received by Jean Rochefort in 1976 for the best supporting role in the film Let the Holiday Begin. The second time he earned “Cesar” already for the main male role in the 1977 “Crab Drummer”. The last honorable “Cesar” Rochefort was awarded in 1999 for his great contribution to the development of French cinema.

Rochefort also participated in the recording of the audio book “Bridge over the River Kwai” by the French novelist Pierre Bull.

The book builds on Bull’s experience as a prisoner of the Japanese army in Burma during World War II.

Jean Rochefort was a big fan of riding and horses – he discovered this passion in himself after filming in “Cartouche”.

In 1960, he married Alexander Moscow, a Polish woman of nationality, married three children: Marie, Julien and Guillaume. From the actress and director Nicole Garcia, Rochefort had a son, Pierre. In a second marriage with Francoise Vidal, two more children were born – Louise and Clemens (in 1990 and 1992 – “Gazeta.Ru”).

Rochefort ended his theatrical career in 2007, playing a role in the play of one actor “Among other things.” In the solo performance, Rochefort devoted his favorite authors – from the philosopher-post-structuralist Roland Barth to the actor, director and composer Jean Yann.

The last work of Jean Rochefort in the movie was the leading role in the film directed by Philippe Le Gouet “Florida”. The premiere of the film took place at the International Film Festival in Locarno, Switzerland, in August 2015.

French theater and film actor Jean Rochefort died at the 88th year of his life in one of the hospitals in Paris on the night of Saturday, October 7, on Sunday. It is reported that the actor died after a serious illness. Rochefort is known to the Russian audience for his roles in French comedies, extremely popular in the Soviet box office. World fame came to Rochefort due to the role of lawyer Degrey in the series of paintings by Bernard Borderi about Angelica.

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