Owen Wilson
Biography Owen Wilson is a well-known American actor, producer and screenwriter who has received worldwide recognition after starring in the comedy action movie Shanghai Noon. Owen Wilson was born in…

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Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy is a cult American comedian whose finest hour fell on the 80s. Paintings such as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Policeman, Trip to America, Swap, Dr. Dolittle and many…

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Jamel Debbuz
Biography The creative biography of Jamel Debbuz seems to consist of ups and downs alone. Participation in the first French improvisation championship led to the final, at the age of…

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American film actor.
Born September 21, 1950 in the town of Wilmett, Illinois.

He was the fifth of nine children in the family of Ed Murray, a timber company sales agent, and Lucille Murray, a housewife. Parents, Irish by descent, assigned their children to a Jesuit school, but young Murray was not interested in anything but golf. He was shamelessly skipping classes, and all he learned was fool around, fight classmates, and draw caricatures of teachers. The school literally annoyed him, he felt interest only in the school theater. But even there, according to Murray, he was mainly interested in female speakers on the stage. Bill took part in a pair of school performances, and at this his artistic career was temporarily interrupted.

Oddly enough, he still managed to get a secondary education and go to medical college in Colorado, where he soon became a household name. Student Bill Murray practically did not appear in class, smoked marijuana and often spent the night at the police station after another brawl. In the end, he was expelled.

“The Prodigal Son” returned to his native Chicago – without a diploma, without a profession and without prospects for the future. For some time he interrupted by random earnings: he worked hard at a construction site, worked in a pizzeria, traded popcorn at the entrance to the supermarket. However, for a long time he didn’t stay anywhere — there are few who might like the employee who teases at the boss and wants to run away from service to the golf course.

In those years, Bill’s brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, studied at the famous Chicago acting studio “Second City”. Bill decided to follow him, and after trial and interview, he was given a scholarship so that he could study for free. Bill never thought he had a chance to become famous. He took his acting career as frivolously as he worked in a pizzeria. Murray recalls one day he got a call from television: “The producer of the show“ Saturday night ”asked:“ Bill, can you tell all kinds of stupid stories? ”“ Actually, no, ”I honestly admitted.“ No problem, let’s give you the role of a kind of Bore-Wise guy. It’s going to be funny … ”

The Saturday Night show gained such popularity that its hosts Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and, naturally, Bill Murray could not help but be invited to Hollywood. In one of his first films, “Golf Club,” Bill played the owner of a golf course, who could not catch a gopher, who plucked the whole district with its holes. “Actually, shooting is a terribly boring task, but this plot was so close to me that it reconciled me with cinema,” the actor recalls.

Then Murray was offered to star in the low-budget Canadian comedy “Meatballs”. When the Meatballs saw the light in 1979, there was a sensation: the film, which cost the creators one and a half million dollars, collected 43 million at the box office.

Having crossed the line of 30 years of age, Murray unexpectedly for many decided to move away from the role of a comic actor. Full of strength and bright plans, he decided that it was time to switch to dramatic roles. And starred … in the science fiction comedy Ghostbusters (1984). The success of the film lifted Murray to the very top of Hollywood Olympus.

In the 90s, he gained a reputation as a successful comedian, and then the status of an actor who could play any role.

In the late 90s, he starred in the thriller “Wildness”, which became one of the scandalous sensations of the season; played Polonia in the modernized film version of Hamlet and played a major role in the dramatic comedy Academy of Rushmore – a film that still remains the main achievement of the actor and which brought him many awards and laudatory reviews. “Murray has finally found the role of his life,” critic Kevin Maynard wrote about the Rushmore Academy. “He masterly mixed his signature“ take nothing seriously ”role with rare sensitivity and vulnerability.”

“When I read the script for the movie Groundhog Day, I decided that this is the best thing that has been written in the last ten years,” Murray recalls. “But shooting was very difficult for me. The fact is that I hate rodents. And this the groundhog nearly crippled me. As soon as I picked up this damn rat, she immediately bit me … ”

Murray was sure that the film would receive an Oscar. But the American Film Academy did not even notice him. But the audience noticed and appreciated, like everything that was done with the participation of this extraordinary, so spontaneous and relaxed, but at the same time as sweet and mischievous as the tomboy schoolboy, actor Bill Murray.

Well, Bill himself eventually settled down. I bought a house in the vicinity of New York. In the courtyard he organized a golf course and in his free time he chases balls and … writes a book. About golf, of course.

In 1980, Bill Murray married his longtime sweetheart Margaret Kelly, whom friends called Mickey. They lived together for thirteen years, they had two sons, but in 1994 the couple broke up violently. Murray remarried to costume designer Jennifer.

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