Gerard Depardieu
Biography Gerard Depardieu is a French actor who made a brilliant career not only in his homeland, but also in Hollywood. He is called "a man with thousands of faces,"…

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Lyubov Orlova
Biography The future icon of Soviet cinema Lyubov Petrovna Orlova was born in 1902 in a family of nobles. Her father, who served in the military, had several awards from…

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Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy is a cult American comedian whose finest hour fell on the 80s. Paintings such as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Policeman, Trip to America, Swap, Dr. Dolittle and many…

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Steven John Carell

Steven John Carell, appearing in the credits under the abbreviated name Steve Carell, is an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as disorderly manager Michael Scott in the comedy television series “Office”. The films “Bruce Almighty”, “Forty-year-old virgin”, “Evan Almighty”, “Fall in love with his brother’s bride”, “Alexander and a terrible, nightmare, bad, very bad day” and others brought worldwide fame to Steve Carell. According to the authoritative magazine “Life”, he is the funniest person in the United States.

Steve Carell was born in the miniature town of Concord, located in Massachusetts. The boy’s father, Edwin Carell, was an electrical engineer, and her mother, Harriet Teresa Koch, worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Steve became the fourth child in the family: he has three older brothers. Interestingly, at birth, Edwin had the Italian surname Caroselli, since he comes from an Italian clan. But, having matured, Steve Carell’s father shortened his surname to a more familiar American hearing. Continue reading

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is a Hollywood comedy and drama theater and film actor, as well as a director, producer and screenwriter. The popularity of Stiller in these guises was brought by the paintings “Everyone Is Mad About Mary”, “Night at the Museum”, “Acquaintance with the Fockers”, “Soldiers of Failure”, “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty” and “Model Male”.

Benjamin (Ben) Edward Stiller was born in New York in November 1965. The actor’s parents are the famous comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Mira. At the time of Benjamin’s appearance in the family, Amy’s 4-year-old daughter was already growing up. Children grew up in a creative atmosphere and often watched their parents work on the set. It is not surprising that Ben and Amy chose the profession of actors. Continue reading

Robin Williams

The famous comedian and Oscar winner Robin Williams passed away five years ago, on August 11, 2014. According to the decision of experts, the cause of death of the 63-year-old actor was suicide.

The death of the actor was ascertained at 00:02, and at that time his wife Susan Schneider was in the house. In the morning, she felt that Williams was sleeping in her room, and calmly went about her business. This was during a press conference, said a spokesman for the County Police, California, Keith Boyd.

Williams’s wife later admitted that he had a pathological feeling of anxiety, was depressed for a long time and suffered from Parkinson’s disease at an early stage, but hid it from the public. Continue reading

Rowan Atkinson

Without a smile. As you know, the most talented comedians usually live like this. Rowan Atkinson is a classic example. An English gentleman in a buttoned all-button suit with his own 18th-century castle and a collection of rare cars – it’s hard to imagine that his middle name is “Mr. Bean” and the third is “Johnny English”.

Mr. Bean rarely smiles, and Johnny English doesn’t do that at all. This cannot be said to be Rowan Atkinson’s personal invention – in the end, Buster Keaton made himself the name “comedian with a stone face.” But in the case of Rowan, it was not a calculated move, but a mask under which he hid most of his life. Continue reading

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a cult American comedian whose finest hour fell on the 80s. Paintings such as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Policeman, Trip to America, Swap, Dr. Dolittle and many others made him a star of the first magnitude. In addition, Murphy is known both as a musician who recorded several solo albums, and as a stand-up comedian.

Eddie was born in New York Brooklyn and became the second child in the family: his parents already had the eldest son Charlie, who also became an actor. The boys’ mother, whose name was Lillian, worked as a telephone operator, and father Charles Edward Murphy served in the police. Despite the fact that Papa Eddie died when he was only 8 years old, it is obvious that it was from his father that the boy inherited acting talent – Charles performed at the amateur level in the theater, and also gave performances as a comedian. Continue reading

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Kaley Cuoku
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