Biography Christina Applegate is an American actress. The girl starred in the films "Heroes", "Cutie". The series "Married and with Children" opened the actress to the world of Hollywood and…

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Jennifer Aniston
Biography Jennifer Aniston is an American film actress, the owner of a personalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Participation in the rating youth series “Friends” allowed her to…

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Leslie Nielsen is a Hollywood star whose fame came after 50 years. Parody films with the participation of the actor “The Naked Gun”, “The Scariest Movie”, “The Sixth Element” became…

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All movie actors can be conditionally divided into several categories – those who with equal success can embody hundreds of different images on the screen, and those who wander from picture to picture without changing their roles, the so-called image hostages. Among the latter is the actress Jenny McCarthy.

Childhood and youth
Jennifer Ann McCarthy was born (that is her full name) on November 1, 1972. It happened in a town called West Elden, located near Chicago (Illinois, USA). The girl became the second of four daughters of Dan and Linda McCarthy – the other three sisters were Amy, Joan and Linnet.

Elementary School Jenny Unlearned at Chicago Catholic School St. Turibius Elementary School. After her graduation, McCarthy moved to Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, where, according to the actress herself, she was a real outcast. Continue reading

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is a famous Hollywood actor, whose filmography mainly consists of works in the comedies Evan Almighty, Super Peppers, Macho and Nerd. The actor managed to show dramatic talent in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Wolf from Wall Street”.

John Hill Feldstein was born in Los Angeles into a creative Jewish family, where each of the parents managed to realize their talents. Mom Sharon Lin was a stylist and designer, and dad Richard Feldstein worked as a music manager. Father accompanied the popular band “Guns N’ Roses ”on tour. Jonah has an older brother, Richard, who followed in his father’s footsteps. Continue reading


Seth Aaron Rogen is a Canadian film actor and screenwriter who became famous after starring in the popular youth television series Freaky and Crazy. After such success, Seth Rogen continued to appear in comedy films, which brought the actor growing popularity. Today, the actor’s creative biography is also mainly associated with a humorous genre and light entertainment projects.

Seth Rogen was born and spent his childhood in the Canadian city of Vancouver. His father Mark Rogen was the head of the Jewish public organization Workmen’s Circle, and his mother Sandy Rogen worked for social services. In the footsteps of her mother went and Seth’s older sister, Donja. Continue reading

Anna Kay Faris

The Hollywood actress Anna Kay Faris, known to the audience under the abbreviated name Anna Faris, became famous all over the world after the comedy parody of the horror films “A Very Scary Movie”.

Anna was born in November 1976 in Baltimore. There were no actors and people of art in the family of the future star. Dad is a sociologist and teacher at Washington University, and Mom is a teacher at a Baltimore high school. Multinational blood flows in the veins of Faris. The mother of the actress is German by birth. And in the family there are French, British, Scots and Irish. Continue reading

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the first magnitude.

William (Bill) James Murray was born in Illinois in September 1950. Children and youth passed in the town of Wilmett. Bill grew up in a low-income and large family. The boy was the 5th oldest out of 9 children. Later, four sons, including Bill, became famous actors.

But in childhood, and in early adolescence, nothing portended a successful future for Bill Murray. The guy was frankly slobbering. Continue reading

Kaley Cuoku
Biography The famous American film actress Kaley Cuoku was born in 1985 on November 30 in the city of Camarillo, which is located in California. Her mother did the housework…


Melissa McCarthy
Biography Melissa McCarthy is an American actress, star of the films Big Boss, Bridesmaids, Catch a Fat Woman If You Can, Spy, Ghostbusters and others. She is the most popular…


Samy Naceri
Biography Sami Naseri is a well-known French actor who has become world famous thanks to the role of expressive driver Daniel Morales in 4 parts of the blockbuster Taxi. The…


Jonah Hill
Biography Jonah Hill is a famous Hollywood actor, whose filmography mainly consists of works in the comedies Evan Almighty, Super Peppers, Macho and Nerd. The actor managed to show dramatic…