Jean-Paul Belmondo
Biography Jean-Paul Belmondo is a famous French actor who created the image of a young rebel with an irresistible smile and in the 60-70s earned the title of one of…

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Bill Murray
Bill Murray is a legend in the global film industry. Dozens of images created by him and many bright and talented films turned Murray into a Hollywood star of the…

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Alain Delon
Biography Alain Delon is a sex symbol and a model of male beauty of the 60s - 80s of the last century, a French theater and film actor, as well…

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first two paintings

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is a well-known American actor, producer and screenwriter who has received worldwide recognition after starring in the comedy action movie Shanghai Noon.

Owen Wilson was born in the fall of 1968 in Dallas (USA, Texas). The future of the boy was a foregone conclusion from birth. Father Robert Wilson worked in a television studio, mother Laura Wilson took photos. In the family, besides Owen, two more sons grew up, Luke and Andrew, who later also chose the profession of actor.

Owen Wilson grew up as a fidget, sometimes his parents did not have the patience to endure the tricks of his son. Owen’s study was not interesting. The boy constantly fought, and on the eve of the final exams, the guy stole a book with solutions from a geometry teacher and distributed answers to his classmates. Wilson was kicked out of school for his behavior. Wilson Sredny moved to another school, and after he entered the military academy, but nothing came of it either. Continue reading

Kaley Cuoku

The famous American film actress Kaley Cuoku was born in 1985 on November 30 in the city of Camarillo, which is located in California. Her mother did the housework and paid great attention to the education of Kayleigh and her younger sister Brianna. The father of the future actress was of Italian descent and worked as a real estate agent in a small company. When Kaylee was 3 years old, her parents sent her to a big sport, where she began to play tennis.

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is an American film actress, the owner of a personalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Participation in the rating youth series “Friends” allowed her to get into full-length American projects, such as “American Divorce”, “To promise is not to marry”, “Bounty Hunter” and others.

Childhood and youth
Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California. Jennifer’s father, Greek by nationality Yannis Anastassakis, having started his career on television, changed his name to John Aniston. Mother – a little-known actress Nancy Dow, at one time moonlighted as an assistant to Rock Hudson. The godfather of Jennifer Aniston was the father’s best friend, a well-known former television actor Telli Savalas. Continue reading

Robin Williams
The famous comedian and Oscar winner Robin Williams passed away five years ago, on August 11, 2014. According to the decision of experts, the cause of death of the 63-year-old…


Biography The Hollywood actress Anna Kay Faris, known to the audience under the abbreviated name Anna Faris, became famous all over the world after the comedy parody of the horror…


Christian Clavier
Biography Christian Jean-Marie Clavier, whom domestic viewers know more as Christian Clavier, was born in May 1952 in Paris. His parents were not people of art and worked in a…


Biography Everyone knows that acting bread is difficult, and not everyone is given the ability to make the audience laugh. The combination of an unusual appearance, charm, rich facial expressions,…